When digital photo frames first gained popularity several years ago, families across the world enjoyed uploading their holiday snaps and admiring a ready-made slideshow from the comfort of their sofa. Today, these gadgets have evolved to incorporate motion sensors, apps and real-time photo uploads.


WiFi-enabled digital photo frames make fun gifts for friends and family; just send across your latest snaps and they can instantly enjoy them in their own homes. We’ve rounded up some of the best digital photo frames on the market to save you the research time.

The best digital photo frames to buy today

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame on a white background

According to Nixplay, over 2.5 million people already have this digital photo frame. You can place it on a table or fix it to the wall, in either portrait or landscape format - it’ll rotate your images automatically to fit the frame.

This Nixplay model comes with all the latest technology you’d want in a digital photo frame. The smart sensor automatically turns on the screen when you walk into the room, and switches it off when there’s no movement.

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The frame also uses clever software to position people in the middle of the frame and avoid awkward crops.

You’ll be able to send your photos and videos across from social media sites, emails or the Nixplay app.

Lenovo Smart Digital Picture Frame

Lenovo Smart Digital Picture Frame on a white background

Thanks to its impressive 21.5-inch screen, this smart gadget from Lenovo looks more like a TV than a photo frame. In fact, it’s not unlike the Samsung Frame TV, which disguises itself as a beautiful framed artwork when not in use (find out everything you need to know here).

As well as showing off your holiday snaps, you’ll be able to choose between hundreds of famous paintings completely free of charge in the app. The colours always look vibrant and natural, as the screen has an anti-glare layer and automatically adjusts to mirror the level of brightness in the room.

Either mount it on the wall or prop it up on a sideboard or easel in either portrait or landscape mode. Then, you’ll be able to skip through the images by swiping left and right.

Meural Photo Frame

Meural Photo Frame on a white background

Like all the best digital photo frames, Meural’s model can offer automatic library updates, brightness adjustment and sleep mode when it’s dark. But it goes one better than others on the market by displaying the time and location of your snaps when you swipe the screen.

Also, you won’t get smeary fingerprints on the display, as you can control it using gestures.

Images always look smart, thanks to the anti-glare technology and the automatic cropping feature, which makes sure the pictures fill the frame.

Plus, you can enjoy 100 famous artworks on your frame and browse 30,000 prints in the Meural app.

Aura Mason Luxe Digital Picture Frame

Aura Mason Luxe Digital Picture Frame on a white background

For a stylish gadget with the look of a traditional frame, try this option from Aura. It comes with a textured border in a white or grey tone.

Buy this digital photo frame for its in-built speaker, which can play out the audio from your videos. You’ll also get enough storage space for over 10,000 photos, and you can switch up the orientation between portrait and landscape whenever you want. The frame will automatically rotate your images for you.

Simply Smart Home PhotoShare Smart Frame

Simply Smart Home PhotoShare Smart Frame on a white background

With room for over 1,000 photos, this digital smart frame may not have as much memory as other options on our list - but it does have an integrated speaker, as well as a clock and weather report.

You can mount it on the wall or place it on its black and white mat to protect your table.

If you’ve stored photos on a memory card, this could be the frame for you, as it supports SD cards. As you’d expect, you can also send images and videos from your phone, email and social media accounts using the companion app.

Pix Star Digital Photo Frame

Pix Star Digital Photo Frame on a white background

With its sleek black border, this digital photo frame has the look of a slimline tablet. It comes with a remote control, so you won’t have to worry about leaving annoying fingerprints on the screen, and there’s an anti-reflective coating to eliminate glare.

The frame also has a motion sensor to light up as you walk past.

Plus, there’s unlimited storage space, and you can add images, videos and audio messages to your album, straight from your email, social media or the Pix Star SNAP app.

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