Runny noses, slippery sea creatures and that impossible-to-clean bit behind your sink all have one thing in common. Slime is everywhere, and without it, life on Earth would probably not exist. Let us tell you the glorious story of goo. Now, once upon a slime…


The Amazon rainforest

Everything you need to know about the world’s biggest, most beautiful, and most biodiverse rainforest. From why it's so important, to the incredible creatures that live there, the amazing biodiversity and threats to its survival.

How processed food harms your mood

Mental health problems are on the rise. Yet there is growing evidence that the food we eat may be a vital ingredient to help us feel better.


  • Earth's core: The solid-iron core at the centre of our planet is slowing down, according to a new study… and it’s making our days longer.

  • The skinny jab: Professor Giles Yeo examines whether the new generation of anti-obesity injections – soon to be sold in UK chemists – could be a game-changer.

  • Innovations: Alex Hughes tries out Meta Quest Pro, a powerful, feature-filled headset for the Metaverse, and we share our pick of the best smart lighting to bring a simulated sunrise to your home.
  • The Last Of Us: Could fungal infections turn us all into zombies? We spoke to Dr Rebecca Drummond, a fungal immunologist based at the University of Birmingham, to find out how realistic a fungal pandemic could be.


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