Beautiful video of Earth’s biosphere released by NASA © Getty Images

Beautiful video of Earth’s biosphere released by NASA

The gentle swaying of green and blue in this video shows the 12-month cycle of plant life as it grows across the Earth’s surface.

Plants are beautiful for adding a little life to even the drabbest dining room (as well as providing the oxygen that we breathe every day), but in this video recently released by NASA, the gentle swaying of the growth of the Earth’s biosphere also adds a little peace and colour to your screens.


By taking observations of the density of plant growth on land and chlorophyll concentration in the oceans, NASA has stitched together data from satellites over many years to create this pulsating animation of the average cycle of plant life over a 12-month period.

The more vivid blue and green colours show the greater density of plant life on the planet, and as the seasons change between the northern and southern hemispheres, you can see how it blooms in the summer months.


Now, sit back and enjoy…