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The Human Body

Asked by: Cassandra Sturgeon Delia

The full science behind the fear of hole clusters (warning: contains even more horrible trypophobic imagery).

Complete beginner’s guide What is memory?

Why photographic memory is often misunderstood – and simple tricks to boost your memory.

Why déjà vu is far from a memory fault – and how some people experience it constantly.



Where, when, and how to spot the first major meteor shower of this year.

Your guide to when you can see shooting stars in the UK, including how many you can expect to spot.

Get a look at the Lion constellation with our easy how-to guide – no telescope required.

How much of our Universe is dark matter, and what evidence is there for its existence?

Everyday Science

Bask in our simple explanation to how humans turn the Sun’s rays into power.

Plus: how chainsaws are also connected to human babies.

Asked by: Alice Culkin, Cornwall

Future Technology

Generating realistic surround sound comes now comes from above and below.

Creating a digital copy of ourselves may sound simple in practice but has the potential to cause complications.

Forced labour from any equal being never ends well, so ethical guidelines are needed to ensure anything with human intelligence is treated with respect.


Asked by: Fatima, Manchester

Which animal kills the most humans per year? Spoiler: it's not sharks.

It's a dog's life, but how long it lasts depends on a number of factors, including size and breed.


You wouldn't want to live there, but bring a coat if you're going to visit these spots - they have recorded the lowest temperatures ever!

Here’s how one of Earth’s most destructive forces come to be, in five steps.