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The Human Body

We've been enjoying a relaxing back rub for millennia, but does it actually work?

Human language is a complex phenomenon, and many different areas of the brain must cooperate together.

It's sometimes referred to as the transitional state between sleep and waking.

Victoria Shepherd shares insight from her new book, A History Of Delusions, and explains everything you need to know about the real-life undead condition, walking corpse syndrome.



This small constellation represents the head and neck of a bottlenose dolphin.

Understand JWST's distinctive diffraction spikes with this handy guide.

Your guide to understanding the apparent retrograde motion of the planets.

After residing in the morning sky for the first half of 2022, the bright and not-so-bright planets can now be seen in the late evening sky.

Everyday Science

It drastically reduces the space needed to grow crops.

It's all down to capsaicin, the chemical compound that causes food to taste spicy.

It's all down to the interplay of convection and evaporation.

If you have both introverted and extroverted tendencies, you might be an ambivert.

Future Technology

It incorporates blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Technologist Sam Gregory explains what this media manipulation tool is and where it came from.

It could provide us with a clean, efficient and unlimited source of energy.

This popular theory could be why you are uncomfortable with human-like androids.


If the writers of Stranger Things Season 5 are looking for a new monster, they need look no further.

These nocturnal furballs have deadly venom that can send you into anaphylactic shock.

Many animals make long, treacherous journeys year after year, so why do they go to all that effort?

This voracious eater is not actually an eel...


They can stretch for hundreds of miles, and are often found at the leading edge of a cold front.

Find out when it is and what happens during the September equinox.

This rare electrical phenomenon has been puzzling us for millennia.

One thing that sets humans apart from other animals – as far as we know – is that we are sentient.