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The Human Body

Let the sneezing commence...but do so with care. Gesundheit!

Blame your genes if you're a bit too obsessed with bacon or can't stand sprouts.

It's not just your neighbour's noise you need to worry about...

Pop culture usually associates testosterone with being angry, but in rare cases, a deficiency of the hormone actually makes men more irritable.



Your guide to when you can see shooting stars in the UK, including how many you can expect to spot.

Marking the boundary of our Solar System and interstellar space, this ‘wall’ provides important protection for the Earth.

Heading into space isn’t easy but who has the heaviest spacecraft for the job – Russia, the US or European Space Agency?

Can’t blame this one on the dog…

Everyday Science

How important is playtime? How can I make bedtime easier? And is screen time really bad for children? All your questions, answered.

Tidal power has good potential as a renewable energy source but there are currently a few barriers to its growth.

How happy you are as a parent may depend on where you live.

Fido, Goldie or Felix might have their own unique names…

Future Technology

A job is an important part of how we find happiness in our lives (even if we don’t always enjoy the work). But what if the machines start doing everything for us? Helen Russell finds out if our…

It’s easy to equate brains and computers – they’re both thinking machines, after all. But the comparison doesn’t really stand up to closer inspection, as Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett reveals.

Could computers ever become sophisticated enough to build a convincing imitation of the real world? We look into the likelihood of a real-life Matrix.

Generating realistic surround sound comes now comes from above and below.


Reckon you could take on a house cat? How about a chimpanzee, or a grizzly bear?

Giraffes and lightning are both rare but lightning strikes on giraffes aren't unheard of.

And we thought growing up was hard…

When we look for extra-terrestrial life, we look for planets with liquid water. But are we overlooking places where life could thrive?


From time to time, the Earth's magnetic poles flip, leaving us without a protective magnetic field for up to centuries at a time.

The idea of little velociraptors that can fly is a scary thought, but not too far from reality.

Using sustainable, smart technologies to help us in the urgent need to reduce emissions may increase humanity’s chance of survival.

What’s the biggest mountain in the solar system? Is Mount Everest getting taller? And what animals live in high climates? All your questions, answered.