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The Human Body

10,000 might not be the magic number after all.

Feel great after some daytime zzzs or left feeling groggy? Let Science Focus explain why.



See one of the brightest stars in the sky from September until April.

Earth’s biggest artificial satellite is visible all year round.

This active meteor shower peaks on 11-13 August.

Everyday Science

In the words of Freddie Mercury, I’ve ‘just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here’.

Asked by: Michael Stand, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Asked by: Hayley Paterson, Bournemouth

Future Technology

Generating realistic surround sound comes now comes from above and below.

Creating a digital copy of ourselves may sound simple in practice but has the potential to cause complications.

Forced labour from any equal being never ends well, so ethical guidelines are needed to ensure anything with human intelligence is treated with respect.


Asked by: Kamila Magomedova (aged 13)

Asked by: Meghana Vipin

Mucus beds and marine lie-ins: the strange (and downright surprising) science of fish sleep.

Asked by: Neil Black, Sheffield