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Diesel True Wireless Earbuds review

Diesel True Wireless Earbuds: Looks sleek, but a bit awkward to use

Listen in style with these true wireless earbuds from designer denim brand Diesel.

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

Our review

They look sleek (if a little like something worn by a businessman in the late 2000s) and have good sound quality, but they’re uncomfortable in small ears.
Pros: - Comes with three ear tip sizes
- Water resistant
- Reasonable battery
- Mic works well for hands-free calling
- Great little case
Cons: - None of the tips fit comfortably in small ears
- Charging via the case could get annoying
- Audio quality can’t compete with bigger-name brands
- On the expensive side

When it comes to audio, there are two types of people: those that can tolerate mediocre sound quality, and those that can’t. Now, when I’m listening at home, I want the best I can buy.


But, when I’m out and about, audio quality slips a little further down my list of priorities. I want something that is comfortable, easy to use, fits in my pocket, and doesn’t cost the Earth.

When I saw that designer denim brand Diesel were bringing out a pair of wireless earbuds I was… intrigued. Costing £100, these earbuds should give similarly-priced pairs from audio brands such as JBL and Beats a run for their money. Unfortunately, after two weeks of use, the Diesel True Wireless Earbuds have left me wanting.

Ready to go right out of the box, I have to say I was impressed on first sight. The case is delightful to hold, light and snug in the palm of your hand, and the swivelling lid is a nice little feature. Once opened, the earbuds automatically turn on, which you can tell both by a small light appearing on each and through the muffled announcement of the earbud’s voice prompt. I’m not sure I really needed both to tell me the power was on, mind you.


I went for Diesel’s signature red, and they’re definitely not going to get lost amongst the rubbish I keep in my handbag. I’m a big fan of how brightly coloured they are, but if you prefer something subtler, the black is sleek and professional. Almost too professional, in my opinion, because the long tail of the bud is reminiscent of early wireless earpieces, used by businessmen and limousine drivers.

I was pleased to see three different rubber tip sizes included, because my small ears have always caused problems. Once I’d figured out how to actually wear the earbuds without them falling out – put them in, then twist so the ‘tail’ goes from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock – I was initially pleased, but within 30 minutes they’d become quite uncomfortable.


Because of this, they didn’t replace my usual workday earphones, and I was too nervous about them slipping out of my ears to wear them while doing the washing up, as I normally would. But they did accompany me on a daily dog walk, and I was impressed that I’ve only had to charge them once so far. I’ve got a spaniel, so our walks are more than just a walk around the block.

The microphone on these Diesel earbuds can’t be faulted, even picking up my voice while I was wearing a mask. To answer an incoming call, you just tap one of the buds once, and again to end it. If you want to reject a call, though, you need to press and hold for two seconds, but as the button is actually a sensor, it becomes a bit fiddly to know whether you’re holding the right spot, or pressing down enough. This finicky design also makes changing song or volume a little annoying, and coupled with the fact that they were precariously balanced in my ears to start with, I found myself not wanting to touch them at all during use.


I really wanted to like the Diesel True Wireless Earbuds, and I love the style of the case and the matte design, but ultimately, they just aren’t right for me and my small ears.

Alternative choices

Beats Studio Earbuds

Guide price: £129

For £30 more than the Diesel earbuds, these Beats Studio Buds have active noise cancelling and powerful sound. They’re water- and sweat-resistant, and weigh just 5g each, so you really can sit with them in all day long. The buds come with small, medium and large ear tips, and the built-in microphone has wind reduction – so you can still talk on the phone while walking the dog on a blustery day.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Guide price: £249.95

If you find yourself listening to music, tuning into podcasts or making calls all day long, it’s really worth investing in a good pair of earbuds that sit comfortably in your ears. QuietComfort by Bose offers excellent acoustics, and has two modes depending on your situation. Want no interruptions? Activate full noise cancellation. Need to keep an ear out for the postie? Aware mode lets just enough sound through while still offering great sound quality.

JBL Live Pro+ Earbuds

Guide price: £169.99

Reviewers on Amazon say these are great for smaller sized ears. They have a playtime of up to 28 hours, and boast JBL’s signature sound – quality that Diesel just couldn’t beat. An accompanying app lets you adjust things like bass on an equaliser.