The odd science that connects taekwondo and chainsaws © Getty Images

The odd science that connects taekwondo and chainsaws

Plus: how chainsaws are also connected to human babies.

  1. A favourite zombie apocalypse weapon, a chainsaw’s chain moves at a speed of 27 metres per second. The world’s biggest chainsaw, Big Gus, is 6.98 metres long.
  2. The chainsaw was first invented to help during difficult childbirths. Really. The device was first designed to cut through flesh and bone if a baby was trapped in the birth canal.
  3. While it’s untrue that newborns only see in black and white, their colour vision is extremely limited when under two months old. However, they can spot bright red objects when on a green background.
  4. Although it’s debated whether wearing red can increase performance levels through better visibility or associations with aggression, Taekwondo judges have been shown to award more points to competitors dressed in red protective gear.

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