Heated blankets can be a much cheaper way to warm yourself in the colder months. Some electric blankets can cost as little as 1p to run per hour and, with people trying to heat themselves before heating their home, this can be a stark contrast compared to the costs of central heating.

Electric heated blankets can add a great deal of comfort, too, often designed in soft fabrics and with full-body heat distribution. There are also some that offer dual controls for couples, so that you can set your own temperature different to your partners!

Read on for our selection of the best heated blankets.

Best heated blankets to buy in 2022

Snuggledown Intelligent Warmth

Snuggledown Intelligent Warmth

This heated blanket works as a mattress topper, offering you the comfort of extra padding along with the benefits of electric heating. The cotton blanket has a soft, quilted layer as well as a waterproof cover, and you can easily remove the comfort layer for when you need to wash it.

A comforting feature of the topper is the multi-zonal heating, allowing you to heat various zones of the bed. There's even twin controls so that couples can control their own side of the bed, and there are nine heat settings for you to find that ideal temperature.

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Dreamland Heated Overblanket

Dreamland Heated Overblanket

Perfect to use as a warming overblanket, this comforter from Dreamland can be draped on top of bedding or tucked into your duvet cover. It's made of a soft ivory fabric with a satin trim, and is machine washable once you remove the digital control.

The electric blanket has six temperature settings, as well as a five-minute heat up time and an auto shut off timer.

Silentnight Dual Control Electric Blanket

Silentnight Dual Control Electric Blanket

Designed for couples who can never agree on the right temperature, this electric blanket from Silentnight has dual controls so that each person can set their own heat level. There are three heat settings available to find the temperature that'll suit you best.

The electric blanket is said to be energy-efficient, costing up to as little as 1p per night to run. It also has a sleep safe feature where it can automatically turn off after a certain amount of time, and there are easy-fit straps to make sure it's snugly secured to the bed.

Homefront Electric Blanket Dual Control Superking

Homefront Electric Blanket

With a simple design and easy-to-use controls, this electric blanket from Homefront is a great way to stay warm when the weather gets cold. The superking-sized blanket can be dual controlled, so couples sharing can set their own preferred temperatures.

A key feature from this heated blanket is the extra warmth supplied to the feet area, which should help to provide comfort to people with arthritis and circulation problems.

Cosi Home Luxury Heated Throw

Cosi Home Heated Throw

In a 250gsm fleece fabric, Cosi Home's soft and fluffy heated throw should be a comforting choice. It has nine heat settings to find your perfect heat and a 9-hour programmable timer for when you want to fall asleep in peace. The electric blanket is large enough for two adults to share.

Beurer Monogram Electric Blanket

Beurer Monogram Electric Blanket

With a Made in Green by OEKO-TEX product label, this heated blanket is said to be made with safety, the environment, and social responsibility in mind. The Beurer Monogram Electric Blanket is an underblanket made from a cosy fleece material with six heat settings.

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