If you have piles of different bricks in serious need of organisation, a collection of builds that need some dedicated shelf space or some old creations that need prising apart, there are plenty of LEGO accessories that can boost your brick building.


We’ve put together some of our best picks of handy ideas for serious LEGO fans, whether you’re still in the creation stage, have already made your masterpiece, or need a plan for packing things away. Looking for more challenging builds? Check out our roundup of the best Lego Technic sets.

Best LEGO accessories to buy in 2023

Classic Baseplates

Whether you need a base to start building your next elaborate creation, or you want a reliable surface so you can mount them around your home, it's always handy to have a back-up supply of LEGO base plates.

Made with a sturdy and reliable ABS plastic, they shouldn't bend or break easily either which means you wont have to be overly gentle or worry they'll crack under the weight of your structure.

Available in a range of colours and styles, you can opt to display your build on a neutral grey to make the structure stand out, or build an environment using the wildlife or city road themes.

LEGO Storage Brick

If you're looking for a storage container to neatly pack away your favourite creations, or you're in need of a designated area for loose bricks, this LEGO unit may be the perfect solution.

Standing 18 centimetres tall with a width of 25 centimetres, there should be plenty of space to hold onto all your LEGO essentials to make sure you're ready to take on your next build.

LEGO Brick Stackable Shelf

If you have a selection of LEGO manuals that need to be neatly stacked, or special builds that deserve pride and place in your room, this LEGO shelf has plenty of room to show off your favourites and keep things tidy.

Available in a selection of colours including red, blue and grey it can be mounted to your wall which is ideal for children and adults alike as you can make sure it's at a height that's always within reach.

Just bear in mind the wall will need to be able to support the weight of the unit which is 580 grams.

LEGO Brick Separator

Part of the fun of LEGO is being able to re-use the bricks to make a brand new build, but this can often be a tricky task if they're tightly stuck together.

This is where the brick separator comes in handy. Designed to prise small plates apart so you can re-use and re-home them, it's an essential part of any LEGO enthusiast's toolkit.

Building Brick Cushion

After a long, hard day of plotting your next structure and blending bricks together, it's important to sit back and admire your handiwork. So why not do so with a LEGO themed cushion?

Featuring the classic rectangular shape and six comfortable studs, this cosy pillow is packed with soft filling, perfect for a study or bedroom when you’re ready to relax.

Anstore Craft Storage Box with Compartments

Everyone knows how painful it can be to accidentally stand on a loose LEGO brick, which is why it's a great idea to store them neatly away.

Placing them all into one generic box however can slow down your next design, so it's not a bad idea to invest in a storage container with multiple compartments that can organise your bricks into neat drawers.

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There are three layers split into 10 sections in this unit from Anstore which means there's plenty of scope for bricks and accessories, and because the box is transparent you'll be able to spot what's inside at a glance.

The box should also be nice and lightweight so you can move your building materials to wherever you're working, with a handle that will make it especially easy to carry around.

LEGO Wall Hanger Set

Bring some additional LEGO flair to your room while providing some extra practicality, with this wall hanger set.

There are three in total at a range of sizes so kids can hang up their coats or any bags, helping to tidy up the space and make more room for brick building.

Tidy Bag Mat

Let yourself loose on your LEGO without the stress of a painstaking clean-up, with this tidy bag mat from J J Prime.

Measuring 150 centimetres, there's plenty of room to not only scatter all your favourite bricks but also sit on the mat and start piecing them together.

This isn't just ideal for active build time, you can also keep the bricks within the mat and seal it up once you're done, thanks to the drawstring built into the design. This means it doubles up as a handy storage device that will save space in your LEGO laboratory.

As it's made from a durable nylon material you won't have to worry about it splitting or ripping either.

Adidas X LEGO Tech Pack Crossover Bag

Keep your LEGO accessories within reach, or simply share your passion for brick building with the world, with this tech pack bag.

Adidas have collaborated with LEGO to create this stylish storage waist pack which can seal your essentials behind a sturdy yellow zip.

Designed with the environment in mind, this is partially made with recycled production materials, including the shell which has been constructed from fully recycled polyester taffeta.

Buy Adidas X LEGO Tech Pack Crossover Bag now from Adidas

Road Washi Tape

Expand your LEGO universe with a selection of Washi tape that can connect your buildings and create an interconnected world with roads and train tracks.

Made from non-toxic materials they promise this can be placed on many different surfaces without causing any issues or leaving any stickiness or residue behind, so it can be laid down and just as easily peeled away.

The tape should be easy to cut to size which means you can create a specific sized environment for your LEGO cities, and the set even comes with four sheets of traffic stickers so you can add to the authenticity of your newly created world.

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