If you're looking to introduce a young one to the fascinating world of robotics and programming there's no better present than a robot building kit.


Designed to encourage practical STEM expertise and interest, as well as general critical thinking skills, these kits range from initial builds that will reward the early engineer with a walking and talking friend, to intricate designs that will produce a mechanical hand.

We've put together a list of some of our favourite robot kits below that are suitable for a range of ages and include multiple levels of difficulty.

Best robot kits to buy in 2023

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Solar Robot

A versatile building kit that can create a concoction of contraptions and really get your brain going, this robotics set from Sillibird STEM allows you to make up to 12 separate educational toys.

The kit comes with 190 pieces which, when arranged in a particular order, create a range of different shapes and robots to experiment with.

From the quad that travels on four legs, the roly poly which zooms around on giant wheels, to the surf which can float in the water, there's a broad mix of final characters to keep you entertained.

The body has a gearbox module assembly which brings it to life, and the whole thing is powered by a solar panel which gets the motor moving.

Betabot Robot Building Kit

Perfect for the budding bot builder, these robot creation kits are designed to get kids involved in their very first motor build.

Made for those aged eight years and older, they’re comprised of 126 pieces that can be slotted together with help from the educational book that will guide you along the way, with 36 pages of details to ensure you’re piecing the puzzle together correctly.

Combining basic elements of science, robots and electronics, this is a great set for a young one starting their journey into STEM.

LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox

Create your very own LEGO robot with this BOOST creative toolbox kit that comes with 847 pieces for you to slot together.

When placed in the right order they'll produce a talking and moving robot that has five different settings which include a purring pet or a musical maestro.

Specifically made for those aged between seven and 12, it should help teach the basics of coding and engineering.

The reward is a character that will come to life when paired with the downloadable app that has a range of 60 different activities for your newly built bot.

Build Your Own Robot Arm

Why not simultaneously boost your working knowledge of robotics and engineering while developing an extra arm with this build your own kit?

Capable of picking up and holding items that are 1.7 inches long and up to 100 grams, it can pivot and twist with impressive dexterity. It has a robot wrist that can spin 120 degrees, an elbow that can move 300 degrees and the arm as a whole has a 180 degree range of motion.

Designed to be assembled by those aged eight years and older, once made it requires four batteries to operate.

Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Kit

Boasting the award of the STEM Toy of the Year in 2021, this kit will let you create your very own cyborg hand from scratch.

There are 203 pieces in total and an estimated build time of two and a half hours.

Once complete you wont need to power this with batteries, it will function thanks to the hydraulics you've slotted together along the way.

ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit

A slightly more complicated kit, the ELEGOO bundle is made up of all the sensors and wires you'll need for a first-hand introduction to the STEM fields.

Ideal for beginners who are keen to understand robotics, this is made for those aged 12 years and older and comes with a tutorial included to help you build the robot car kit.

Once it's been pieced together it should roam your room, avoiding obstacles or reacting to specific commands you've programmed in. It also comes equipped with a camera so you can use the video feed to control the vehicle.

More like this

CIRO STEM Robot Toys Programmable Building Blocks

If you're a keen bot builder aged between eight and 14 years old, this programmable robot toy from CIRO may be the best starter kit for you.

It comes with 405 pieces which have been neatly organised into separate bags so you can put all your focus and energy into slotting them together, with help from the manual and diagrams which come included.

Once assembled the robot can be paired with an app which lets you control the build up to a distance of 20 metres.

Science Museum Mio the Robot Kit

If you're looking for a way into the basics of robotic programming, let Mio lead the way.

Perfect for those aged eight years and above, it includes elements such as infrared sensors, electric motors and a circuit board which, when pieced together produce your new two-wheeled friend.

When paired with the free app it has five play modes, and Mio will react to instructions in the form of clapping to complete small tasks like picking items up with its magnetic handle.

Solar Robot Toys

Pick up plenty of practice when it comes to robotic concoctions with this solar powered kit from Batlofty which can create up to six different robots using the same components.

From a space shuttle to a four legged friend, there are plenty of moving parts that will encourage critical thinking as those aged between eight and 12 unlock each combination.

Once each character has been built it can be operated using energy collected from its solar panel, or if you're playing indoors it will also take batteries.

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