If you’ve been out and about recently, you’ve probably spotted kids whizzing about on wheeled, electronic balancing boards - often decked out with colourful LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. The hoverboards you find in shops may not be quite as high-tech as the ones we all remember from Back To The Future II (if only)... But they do come with some seriously cool features.


Before we go on, it’s worth mentioning the laws around using hoverboards. In many countries, including the UK, it’s illegal to ride them on roads and in areas designed for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders, such as pavements, cycle lanes and bridleways. You’ll need to stick to your own garden or private land with the owner’s permission.

Also, we recommend you always use a helmet, gloves and knee and elbow pads when using a hoverboard to avoid painful bumps and scrapes.

The best hoverboards for kids

Sisigad Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

Sisigad Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter on a white background

With a price tag under £200 and more than 4,500 five-star Amazon reviews, this is one of the best hoverboards for kids if you're on a budget. It doesn’t scrimp on fun features, as it comes with colourful LED lights on and around the wheels, as well as two front-facing torches to light the way.

There’s also a built-in wireless speaker, which you can connect to your portable devices to enjoy music, podcasts or audiobooks on the move. For safety, rubber tyres and grippy foot pads complete the package.

This hoverboard comes in a range of bright colours, including green and blue.

Hover-1 Superfly Rose Gold Hoverboard

Hover-1 Superfly Rose Gold Hoverboard on a white background

The Hover-1 Superfly comes with a Bluetooth speaker and a companion app. You can track your journey, view your speed, check your battery and switch between three different riding modes. Plus, you’ll have the option to customise the LED headlights at the front to find your favourite setting.

More like this

This hoverboard is a versatile choice, as you can transform it into a go-kart. Adding the Hover-1 buggy attachment should keep kids entertained for even longer.

The makers designed this hoverboard for teens over the age of 15. It has a top speed of 7mph and a range of six miles after charging it for five hours.

ZIMX G11 Kids Hoverboard

ZIMX G11 Kids Hoverboard on a white background

For sheer cool-factor, you can’t get much better than this hoverboard from Zimx. It has pathfinder lights at the front, as well as LEDs on the footpads, and around and inside the wheels. They change colour as you zip about at 7mph.

Despite all the flashing lights, the G11 has an impressive maximum range of eight miles on just a three-hour charge. The battery indicator will tell you when it’s in need of a top-up.

Other features include Bluetooth speakers, anti-puncture wheels and water-resistant body. Buy this hoverboard for kids aged seven and above.

iHoverboard H1 Hoverboard

iHoverboard H1 Hoverboard on a white background

Despite being one of the cheaper hoverboards for kids on our list, priced at under £200, the H1 has some impressive stats. It can cover nine miles at 9mph on just a two-hour charge, and cope on hills, able to tackle inclines of up to 20°. It’s perfect if you have a sloping garden or driveway.

Of course, you’ll also get a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so kids can listen to their favourite music and audiobooks while they play.

GeekMe Hoverboard & Go Kart

GeekMe Hoverboard & Go Kart on a white background

For a two-in-one hoverboard and go-kart set, try this option from GeekMe. You can choose between a range of different colours and designs to get the combination you prefer.

The hoverboard has one of the highest top speeds we’ve seen, at 9.3mph, as well as a smart gravity sensor to make balancing easier - a handy addition when you’re travelling fast! It can also keep going on 15° inclines, so it’s ideal for anyone with an uneven yard or patio.

An integrated Bluetooth speaker and flashing LED lights are also included - giving you extra cool points on evening rides.

Hover-1 Astro Hoverboard

Hover-1 Astro Hoverboard on a white background

Disco fans, assemble! Hop onto this funky hoverboard and the RGB LED deck will make you feel like you’ve stepped onto the dance floor. You can even play your favourite tunes through the on-board Bluetooth speakers. You’ll have full control over all the lights, including the ones on the wheels, using the companion app.

Like all the very best hoverboards for kids, this one comes with GPS, so you can check your speed and route in the app too.

The makers say this fun hoverboard is ideal for anyone over the age of 15. It has a top speed of 7mph and a range of six miles after five hours of charging.

Hover-1 Rival Black Hoverboard

Hover-1 Rival Black Hoverboard on a white background

For teens who think bright colours and flashing disco lights are a little uncool, you could opt for this sleek black hoverboard. It comes with ultrabright LED headlamps to illuminate the path in front of you, and the multi-coloured accents are reserved for the subtle wheel lights.

As this hoverboard is one of the cheaper models on the market, you’ll have to charge it for five hours to get 30 minutes of battery life. But it has a good top speed of 7mph and can cope on inclines of up to 8°.

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