If you're not quite ready to hand your children a smartphone, but you want to give them some additional freedom while keeping track of their activity, a smart watch is the perfect compromise.


Whatever age bracket your children are currently in, there are a range of models available with different advantages, whether they need a companion to teach them the time, a watch with access to video and Wi-Fi so they can make video calls without access to social media, or a gadget full of games to keep them entertained.

Many models also have a pedometer built in so you can stay on top of your kids fitness to ensure they're making healthy decisions, with some that go the extra mile with exercise challenges built in.

To help you make a decision we've put together a full round up of some of the best smart watches for kids below.

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Best smart watch for kids in 2022

Garmin vivofit Jr. 3

Garmin vivofit Jr. 3 Fitness Tracker for Kids

Fans of Marvel, Disney and The Mandalorian can now imagine themselves as their favourite character with this nifty Garmin vivofit smart watch that also doubles up as a fitness tracker. It has a large display which tells the time in a clear way, with a variety of designs to choose from so your kids can play around with the face.

The watch has up to one year of battery life so it won't have to be re-charged, and once it does run out, the battery can be easily replaced.

Once this handy device has been paired to the app on the parent's phone it can also be used to suggest 60 minutes of daily exercise to promote healthy habits, as well as schedule appointments and chores or even rewards for good behaviour.

Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker Watch

Fitbit ace 3

This slim, smart watch from Fitbit can help keep your kids on top of healthy exercise habits thanks to the fun challenges installed.

It's water resistant to a depth of 50 metres so can be used to monitor swimming, and has up to eight days of battery life so won't run out as your kids are running about, making sure to effectively clock how many steps they've racked up.

It has a comfortable silicone strap and even a sleep mode to help set bedtime reminders and gentle wake-up alarms.

VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

VTech 193803 Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 Toy

A colourful option from VTech, this bright set of watches are suitable for those aged four years and older.

As well as telling the time, it can also take photos, thanks to the two built-in cameras, which can then be edited in the Silly Yourself app.

There are 55 digital watch faces to choose from, as well as a microphone built in and a video option that should keep them entertained. There’s also a pedometer that will monitor their daily step count.

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Xplora X5 Play Smartwatch for Kids

Xplora X5 Play

Make sure you stay in close contact with your children wherever they are, with the Xplora X5. Not only is this smart watch capable of taking calls so you can keep in touch and check in, there's also a GPS feature for additional peace of mind.

There's no option to download social media on the phone which means you can ensure there are no unwelcome messages. There's even the option to control their contact list using the free Parental app which adjoins the watch, to give you full control over their safety.

There's a fun camera built in which can be used to send photo updates, with a gallery option that can hold 1,000 images so they can store their favourite memories.

PTHTECHUS Kids Smartwatch

PTHTECHUS Kids Smartwatch Phone

Boasting a colourful 1.54 inch screen, this watch has plenty of clever features that will keep your child entertained.

These include 24 games to explore, as well as an mp3 music player and two cameras. To help you keep an eye on your child if they're away on a trip or out playing, there's also a two-way calling feature so you can check in whenever you need to.

It comes with a comfortable Velcro strap which will adjust easily to the size of their wrist as they continue to grow, with a nylon material that should be gentle on the skin, which is especially handy if they're out playing and clocking up steps with the pedometer function.

SPACETALK Adventurer ST2-OC-1 Kid's Smart Watch

SPACETALK Adventurer ST2-OC-1 Kid's Smart Watch

Give your kid the set-up of an adventurer with this slick watch that will keep them in contact while giving them the freedom to explore alone. Easily paired to both iOS and Android devices, you can give them a call whenever you want to double check where they are.

There's also a GPS function so you can spot their location at the press of a button, and an SOS option your children can use if they sense they're in danger and want to call the emergency services directly.

There's no social media option either which means you can keep them offline until they're ready.

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch for Kids

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch for Kids with Digital Camera

Truly interactive, this watch has its own character and personality that will emit sound effects as well as wiggle its arms and legs to keep your child company with over 100 different expressions.

This watch is ideal for those who are just learning to tell the time as it will help teach them how to do so, with an additional stopwatch and alarm function.

There are plenty of educational games to choose from to both inform and entertain your kid, and it's water resistant which means they won't have to worry about playing in the rain.

Minecraft Kids Green Silicone Strap Smart Watch

Minecraft Kids Green Silicone Strap Smart Watch

Fans of Minecraft won't want to leave home without this themed watch based on their favourite game.

It has 10 faces to choose from, as well as the option to mix up three different wallpapers. There's also a fitness tracker built in so you can make sure they're getting some healthy activity into their lifestyle alongside building online worlds, and has a video camera so they can take selfies when out with friends.

Once charged, it should last between 5 and 10 days before it needs a top-up.

Childrens Tikkers Smart Series 1 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Childrens Tikkers Smart Series 1 Bluetooth Smartwatch

With a slender, oval shape, this watch will fit subtly onto the wrist of your child, helping them on their journey of learning to tell the time.

The simple interface also tells the date as well as the current battery level, and there's a pedometer built in so you can track their activity in real time throughout the day.

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