Perfect for creating a bespoke glow in your home, a smart bulb can provide more control over the light you let into your living space with the option to choose a specific tone, adjust the dim or create an automatic schedule so the lights come on when you want them.


With the option to pair with a smart speaker as well, you can enjoy all the perks of more varied shades and tones without the hassle of getting up to flick the switch.

So if you’re looking for a high-tech bulb that can produce a specific colour for any season or event, a light you can set to a particular schedule, or something that will turn on with basic voice commands, we’ve put together a selection of the best smart bulbs which can do just that.

Best smart bulbs to buy in 2023

Avatar Controls Smart Bulb

Avatar Controls Smart Bulb on white background

Compatible with a variety of voice control devices including Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you'll be able to dramatically change the lighting in your abode thanks to these smart bulbs.

Whether you want to issue simple commands that will adjust the brightness levels and turn the lights on off, or you'd prefer a more extravagant option that will completely change the tone and colour of your lamps, you can do all of the above with this clever kit that features an RBG palette made up of 16 million colours.

You can also opt for more sophisticated settings like asking the bulb to gradually turn on as you wake up to ease you into the day, or slowly turn off as you settle down into the evening if you'd prefer a subtle aesthetic.

Philips Hue White Filament Single Smart LED

Philips Hue White Filament Single Smart LED Bulb on white background

Working right out of the box with no need for any fussing or fiddling, this smart bulb from Philips can be connected to their Bluetooth app to give you extra control over your lighting. This bulb in particular gives off a soft white glow but you change the intensity by adjusting the settings.

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You can also pair them with smart speakers including those from the Google Nest range, but it's worth bearing in mind if you plan to sync these to your Echo device you may need to invest in the Philips Hue bridge first, which is sold separately.

Lepro WiFi Smart Bulb

Lepro E14 Smart Bulb on white background

Whether you want a warm white glow or something more suitable for the daylight hours, these versatile smart bulbs from Lepro can be controlled using their LampUX app which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

They'll need 2.4Ghz of Wi-Fi to get going, but then you'll be able to adjust the glow as well as set automatic timers so the lights go on and off to a schedule that works for you. This means you can keep the lights on when you're away to give the illusion someone is home, or simply have them pop on to welcome you home in the evening.

LIFX Clean Antibacterial Bulb

LIFX Smarter Light on white background

This smart bulb has an extra special trick, it wont simply glow at your command, it will also take care of any surrounding bacteria for a more hygienic set up. Using its High Energy Visible LEDs it should disinfect the area without releasing any harmful rays to you or your pets.

It packs some power too, with 1100 lumens but these can be turned down via the app or by using a voice command when paired with Siri, Alexa or the Apple Homekit.

BRIMAX Smart Outdoor String Lights

BRIMAX Smart Outdoor String Lights on white background

Take your smart lighting outdoors and take control of the bulbs in your garden with this handy set of clever string lights. Perfect for summer evenings when the light fades, these can be turned on using a voice command on a balmy evening but they're also labelled as waterproof so you won't have to worry about quickly pulling them down if the weather turns.

They stretch to a distance of 49 feet so will provided plenty of coverage whatever the length of your green space, allowing you to control the glow and create the perfect party ambience.

Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Colour LED Bulb

Treatlife smart bulb on white background

Treat yourself to some Treatlife smart bulbs which can be conveniently controlled thanks to their voice activation technology. With over 16 million colours to choose from in their sophisticated app palette you're unlikely to run out of inspiration soon. However, if you'd prefer a a consistent tone you can still set it precisely how you like it with the option to change the brightness, dim the glow and enjoy everything from a soft white light to a neutral setting right up to a fresh daylight effect.

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Wiz Connected lightbulb

WIZ CONNECTED Full Colour Smart Spotlight Bulb on white background

Promising an easy fit and millions of colours once the bulb is in place, WiZ have created a smart kit that can be set to millions of different colours so you can truly personalise your space.

Simple to control, you can either set the atmosphere by using voice commands when paired with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant, or navigate your vast array of options using the WiZ app, helping provide the perfect spotlight in your home.

Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb

Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb on white background

If you're especially forgetful when it comes to turning your lights on and off, this clever bulb may be perfect for you. No more wasted energy or paranoia about leaving the lights left on all day when you're at work, these come equipped with sensors that will activate at night and automatically turn back off again in the morning.

These are especially ideal for an outdoor patio or stairwell, but can also be used throughout the home.

LIFX White to Warm Wireless Smart Bulb

LIFX White to Warm Smart Bulb on white background

Fill your home with additional warmth on those colder days with these specially made bulbs from LIFX that promise over 1,000 shades of light, from a rich amber glow to a fresh, bright white.

Once the bulb has been popped into place and paired with the app you can begin exploring your options, setting specific schedules if you want the lights to come on at certain times, or dimming them at will to achieve a relaxing ambience.

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