Reusable notebooks are a fun alternative to your average jotting pad, and they come with lots of other benefits too…


You’ll save trees by reusing a few sheets instead of working through endless pieces of paper. And, by using an app to take photos of your notes before erasing them, you can digitise your work and store it in an easily accessible online log.

Of course, not all reusable notebooks are created equal; some can only be erased a handful of times, while others have unlimited lifespans. Meanwhile, certain options have more convenient erasing options than others… For some, you’ll need a microwave to remove ink from the pages.

We’ve rounded up our favourite reusable notebooks with a range of different sizes and styles.

The best reusable notebooks to buy today

Rocketbook Flip - Executive Green

Size: A5

Rocketbook Flip reusable notebook with pen and cloth

Rocketbook is one of the biggest brands when it comes to reusable notebooks. It sells a variety of different designs, including this ‘Flip’ pad with binding at the top to provide a hassle-free writing experience for both left- and right-handed notemakers.

Most reusable pads only work with special erasable pens, and the Rocketbook Flip is no different. Happily, you get a Pilot FriXion pen and microfibre towel included in the pack, so you can start making notes right away.

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All 36 pages have lines on one side and dot grids on the other, as well as icons at the bottom to represent applications like Google Docs, Dropbox and iCloud. Just shade one before scanning your notes in the Rocketbook app and it’ll send them there automatically. You can even search within your handwritten notes and transcribe them to email.

Reusable Smart Notebook

Size: A5

Two reusable notebooks with pen on a white background

Choose this reusable notebook and pen set for its sleek cover with integrated penholder. You can choose the black design or the brown two-tone case, or opt for the standard spiral-bound pad.

Whichever style you buy, you’ll get all the clever features you’d expect from any of the best reusable notebooks. Each page features lines and a dot grid pattern, making it easy to write notes and draw diagrams in one place.

Using the CamScanner app, you can quickly send your work to places like Google Drive, iCloud and OneNote, and save them as both PDFs and JPGs. Alternatively, you can instantly email them to yourself.

Erasable Smart Notebook

Size: A5 or B5

Erasable Smart Notebook Wide Ruled & Dotted Page

NEWYES claims you can reuse this notepad up to 500 times, so it should have a place in your stationery drawer for a long while.

You’ll get 30 wide-ruled pages and 30 dotted sheets in this set, as well as an erasable pen and cleaning cloth. For a bit of fun, you can use a hairdryer to erase the pen ink instead.

CamScanner is the recommended app for this reusable notepad. Download it and you’ll be able to save your musings in all the popular places, as either PDFs and JPGs.

Dry Wipe Whiteboard Notebook

Size: Approx. A4

Dry Erase Dry Wipe Whiteboard Notebook with pen on a white background

While other reusable notebooks recreate the look of standard paper, this one has coated pages, taking inspiration from dry-wipe whiteboards. You can open it up to lie flat and create an A3 spread, so it’s perfect for brainstorming sessions and making revision notes.

The pack includes a whiteboard pen and you can use pretty much anything to erase it, including your finger, a cloth or the mini rubber in the lid.

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook

Size: A4

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Re-usable Notebook exterior and interior with pen and cloth

Here’s another option from Rocketbook: the brand’s Everlast notepad. It comes with 32 pages with the texture of normal paper, but you can easily clear them with a damp cloth. In fact, the makers say you can reuse this pad infinitely, so it offers great value for money.

At the bottom of each page you’ll find a QR code, which cleverly categorises your notes as you upload them. The Everlast pad can even recognise page numbers, so you can file them in order via the Rocketbook app.

Refillable Notebook

Size: A5

Refillable Notebook inside and outside on a table

This reusable notebook is slightly different to the ‘erasable’ pads above. It’s a smart cover designed to store your own A5 jotters, which you can replace when you’ve filled the pages. You’ll get an 80-sheet pad of lined paper included in the delivery.

The eye-catching design includes a grey, vegan leather cover with a ribbon page marker and clear PU flaps inside to keep your pad in place.

As an extra special touch, you can personalise your order with your initials, a short name or a number in one of a range of foil colours.

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