Buying a new product from Apple can be an expensive affair. Whether you're after the latest iPhone, a Macbook or one of the more budget iPad tablets, the popular tech brand is not exactly known for its discounts.


However, one of the few times Apple relaxes and lets prices go a little is Black Friday. The yearly saving event can often provide you with some Black Friday Apple deals, saving you a few quid here and there on both older and brand-new products.

In the lead-up to the big day (Friday November 25), we'll be scouring the internet for the worthwhile savings on Apple devices and accessories, listing them all here in one place.

When is Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday November 25. The sales however began right at the start of November, offering discounts on Apple products for an entire month.

It is in this period now, the week of Black Friday, where we are now seeing the largest savings.

The best Black Friday Apple deals

While there are plenty of available deals on Apple products this Black Friday, these are the ones that have especially caught out attention.


iPad and iPad Pro

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In recent years, all types of iPads have seen some significant savings on the Black Friday weekend.

For those on a tighter budget, the standard iPad will be the option to keep your eye on. Amazon will be the most likely place to see a discount, and while a £299 price will be almost a guarantee as it has sat at that price for a while, anything lower will be worth getting your hands on.

Amazon will also likely be the best place to get a discount on the 2022 iPad Pro. This is a much larger and more powerful tablet, but also won't be likely to be as heavily discounted. Expect a 4-5 per cent cut, maybe a bit more if you're lucky.

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iPad RRP £369.99

iPad Pro RRP £899.99

iPad Air

© Apple

Through savings events in the past, the iPad Air has been a popular choice for retailers to discount. This device sits in the middle of the range, offering the style and specs of the iPad Pro, with a slightly more affordable price tag.

Retailers like Amazon, John Lewis and Argos will likely be offering some solid discounts on this tablet, especially over the official Black Friday weekend.

RRP £669.00


Apple Watch Ultra

© Apple

The Watch Ultra is Apple's brand new expensive, sturdy smartwatch and realistically, is unlikely to be a popular choice for discounts. It's new, has a big price tag and is one of Apple's more niche products.

Keep an eye out and you might save a few quid, or some retailers might find a way to stand out by including free accessories or discounts on a second item.

RRP £849

Apple Watch Series 8

© Apple

A slight step down from the Watch Ultra, the Apple Watch 8 is the option that most people will have their eye on this Black Friday. It is overall one of the best smartwatches on the market right now and in the past, Apple has often discounted this model in its watch range.

You might find that discounts are limited to certain colours or models.

It is also worth keeping an eye out for older versions of this device like the Apple Watch 7. Due to their older age and Apple no longer selling them, retailers could be looking to shift stock at a reduced price.

Apple Watch SE

© Apple

Apple's budget smartwatch, the Apple Watch SE is already quite affordable (by Apple's standards at least). Because of this, any significant savings are unlikely. Instead, your best bet for this watch will be to see who has the lowest price on the day, and if any special offers are available from select retailers.

Free subscriptions, a spare watch strap or some other kind of promotional offer could be the best offer you'll see.

RRP £259


Apple AirPods Max

Apple's only pair of over-ear headphones, the Apple AirPods Max are an obvious choice for Apple users looking for a high quality audio experience.

However, while these are a pair of headphones we happily gave a five star review, they do come with a hefty price tag.

Normally you would be paying £549 for these cans. That price has dropped a few times, falling well into the £400s, and we would expect the same to happen this Black Friday.

While they are expensive, the high quality build and incredible audio makes the price tag feel justifiable.

Apple AirPods

© Apple

If you like the idea of AirPods, but not the price tags that come with them, the original Apple AirPods will be the way to go.

These buds are the cheapest of the bunch, and while they lack some of the more high-tech features of the Pro or Max models, they have the audio and technical smarts to be fantastic bluetooth buds.

When Black Friday rolls around, there is bound to be big discounts on these buds, especially at retailers like Amazon or John Lewis.

RRP £179.99

Apple AirPods Pro

© Apple

Apple's latest earbuds, the AirPods Pro offer an improved processor, better noise-cancellation and a host of included features. However, they do also see the price shoot up compared to the regular AirPods.

While these are quite new earbuds, with the latest generation coming out in recent months, there is still a good chance for strong discounts this Black Friday.

RRP £249.99


iPhone 14 series

© Apple

As Apple's latest roundup of devices, the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max will be Apple's most powerful handsets available right now.

However, if you've got your eyes on the two larger models, we have bad news for you. In the past, Apple has rarely discounted its leading Pro handsets. If you do see a saving on these devices, you'll want to move quickly.

As for the smaller two 14 models, savings over Black Friday are more likely, but won't be huge. We expect a small saving on the Plus model, most likely from major retailers.

iPhone 13

© Apple

Out of all of the iPhone handsets, the iPhone 13 series is likely to see some of the biggest discounts. It's not Apple's newest device, but is still up-to-date enough to be a popular choice.

Apple has already knocked the price down significantly with the release of the newer iPhone 14 range, but a further £50+ saving could well pop up during the Black Friday weekend.

iPhone SE

© Apple

Apple's one and only 'budget' handset, the iPhone SE will be the smartphone many will be looking towards this year. Luckily, it is also one that often sees a discount, albeit a rather small one.

The likes of Amazon, Very, John Lewis and other big retailers will likely knock a small chunk of cash off the price tag, hopefully taking it down to its lowest price of the year.


Macbook Air and Pro

While Macbooks occasionally receive discounts during Black Friday Apple sales, they are rarely anything particularly mind-blowing. These laptops are often discounted throughout the entire year, and you'll often see £100 or more knocked off at a time.

Some retailers might be able to push a slightly higher saving than this, but it would be unlikely to be anything huge. We suggest keeping an eye out for the lowest price on the day, comparing the biggest retailers for a noticeable saving.

Where can you buy Black Friday Apple deals?

So you know you want to buy an Apple device this Black Friday, but where should you actually be looking? There are a number of retailers who will be competing for the lowest price across an array of gadgets, but there are some key names to look out for.

Amazon is likely going to be the best bet for large savings on Apple devices. In previous years, there have been considerable savings on iPhones, iPads and Macbooks. Amazon will especially be a good place to look for iPhone discounts.

Other retailers to keep an eye on include Currys, John Lewis, AO and even eBay. Most of these retailers will be looking to offer the most competitive prices on a selection of Apple devices.

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