We are now in the week of Black Friday, complete with discounts on just about anything you can think of. But if you are planning on using this period of saving to score yourself a new audio setup, one of the best options to go for will be Sonos.


The brand has grown to be one of the biggest speaker brands in the world. Aesthetically pleasing, packed with impressive audio power, but equally - oh so very pricey.

While Sonos isn't exactly known for big discounts or massive sales, they have been discounting just about every single one of their speakers this Black Friday, with a few especially tempting offers.

Below we've picked out the Black Friday Sonos deals that have stood out to us the most, ranging from bluetooth speakers, soundbars and everything in-between.

When is Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday will fall on 25 November. The sale runs from the Friday through the weekend to the Monday which is known as 'Cyber Monday'. However, sales often begin as early as the start of November.

This week has seen the big Sonos deals appear, likely culminating in a significant discount on the Friday.

The best offers at a glance

The best Black Friday Sonos deals

Sonos One

© Sonos

The Sonos One is likely going to be the speaker that appeals to the most people. Despite its more compact size, it boasts an impressive output capable of dealing with any music, film or TV show you throw its way.

Along with the impressive audio performance, the Sonos One is also a speaker that fits into your home well. It isn't too big and utilises a sleek design.

The Sonos one has received one of the most considerable discounts this Black Friday. Across multiple retailers, you can now get the speaker for just £139 - a £40 discount from its RRP.

RRP £179

Sonos Roam

© Sonos

The Sonos Roam is the company's relatively new portable Bluetooth speaker. Much smaller than any other Sonos speaker, this is intended to be chucked into a bag and taken on the go.

Whether you keep it at home or take it out with you, this is a tough and durable speaker than can take a knock or two. It even has an IP67 rating which means it is dust- and water- resistant.

With a single charge, this powerful-sounding speaker can last for 10 hours.

Like the Sonos One above, the Roam has done well in the sales. From its original RRP of £179, it has gone down to only £135, which, while more expensive than other portable speakers, is a great price for this kind of audio technology.

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RRP £179

Sonos Move

© Sonos

The Sonos Move is the speaker for those who like the idea of the portable Roam above, but want something with a bit more power.

A beefy portable speaker, this isn't the kind of thing you can chuck in your bag when you go to the beach. However, what it lacks in easy portability, it makes up for with immense audio power.

The Move isn't exactly known for being discounted, which makes it no surprise that there have been no major deals on it this year. You can however save £10. While not a huge amount of money, it is still better than nothing!

RRP £399

Sonos Five

Looking for a large, powerful home speaker? That will be the Sonos Five. This device is huge, offering an expansive, room-filling sound.

Without getting into the really expensive speaker market, you won't get a much better audio experience than this. However, it does lack Bluetooth connectivity. Instead, you'll either have to connect via AirPlay, the Sonos app or a 3.5mm port in the back.

Like the Sonos Move, this isn't a speaker that Sonos often discounts. However, there is a good chance you'll see it included in one of Sonos' bundle packages, discounting the overall price of a collection of speakers.

The Sonos Five has done well in the Black Friday sale, but especially at Amazon where it has seen its price fall all the way down to just £435. That is a 13% discount, and a price that is unlikely to fall much further.

RRP £499

Sonos Arc

© Sonos

The Sonos Arc is a massive speaker, often considered to be one of the best overall soundbars on the market.

If you're willing to fork out a price tag around £899, you'll be rewarded with an impressive audio performance that delves you deep into the content you are watching.

The Sonos Arc is rarely discounted which makes the £200+ discounts we're seeing a more than happy surprise. This is easily the best Sonos offer this Black Friday.

RRP £899

Sonos Sub Mini

The Sonos Sub Mini is best used as an addition to an existing Sonos setup. Pair this with a soundbar or some Sonos One speakers and you'll achieve a full sound that blasts around the room.

This is the slightly cheaper of Sonos' subwoofers, costing around £429.

However, it doesn't seem to be one that is doing well in the Black Friday sale with no retailers really giving it a big discount.

RRP £429

Sonos Ray

© Sonos

The Sonos Ray is one of the latest speakers from the brand. Its aim is to offer Sonos soundbar technology at a reduced price. Of course, this is Sonos, so it is still quite a lot at £279, but hopefully the Black Friday Sonos deals will bring this price down.

We expected the speaker to hit £250 this Black Friday... and we were almost right. It has gone down to £249.

Despite its lower price, this remains a great soundbar for anyone on a slightly tighter budget, boasting a full and rich sound despite its smaller size.

RRP £279

Where is the best place to buy Sonos speakers?

There are a number of retailers that you can buy Sonos speakers from. While the obvious place would be directly from Sonos, retailers including Amazon, Very, Currys and AO also stock the brand's devices.

However, the main question is around where you will find the biggest discounts. Going directly to Sonos will likely pay off if you are looking to purchase a group of speakers. The brand often discounts full kits of Sonos devices instead of individual speaker discounts.

For more general sales, keep an eye on a range of different retailers. Amazon is often a good place to find discounted electrical goods, and the same goes for AO and Currys.

Which Sonos speaker is best for you?

Finding the best Sonos speaker for you will depend on a few factors.

The first thing to decide is what you will use a speaker for. Do you want something that you can take on the move like the Sonos Roam? Do you want a soundbar to amplify your TV's performance? Or do you simply want something to listen to music to, with choices like the Sonos One or Five?

Secondly, deciding how much you want to spend. Sonos tends to offer multiple price points for different categories. For example, something like the Sonos Arc will cost you nearly £1000 for an unbeatable soundbar experience, while the Sonos Ray will offer a much more condensed soundbar experience at a far lower price.

What are the best alternatives to Sonos?

There are a few brands that offer a similar experience to Sonos. One of the closest in style, sound and general connectivity is Audio Pro. The Scandinavian audio company creates home speakers that range from smaller portable options to dot around the house, through to large stacked speakers and soundbars.

Another Sonos equivalent would be one of the many smart speaker brands that are now available. The likes of Google, Amazon and Apple all offer collections of speakers that you can pair together for a full house of connected speakers.

Are there any other times of the year to buy discounted Sonos?

Generally, Sonos as a brand is rarely seen discounted. Even at Black Friday there is no promise of a saving on a Sonos speaker. If you're hoping to save on a new Sonos speaker, this will be the best time to be looking.

However, there could also be savings during the Christmas period or even extending into the January Sales period.

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