If you struggle to nod off at night, a blank ceiling can be a daunting sight. A galaxy projector is an easy and fun fix which helps tackle the blankness of a bare wall by creating a soothing and fascinating starry surrounding.


The interesting bedroom gadget, using slides and lights, projects stars and constellations onto your wall or ceiling, so you're surrounded by a stunning night sky. Quite the dreamy setup.

Most galaxy projectors are either battery-operated or plug into a wall, so you can star gaze in the warm indoors. We've included a mix of models from authentic projectors displaying constellations to more affordable designs that function as unique night lights.

Whether you're an astronomer or simply fancy a themed bedroom, take a look at our roundup of the best galaxy projectors and enjoy the tranquillity of the stars from the comfort of your home.

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Best galaxy projectors for 2022

Sega Toys galaxy projector

Black galaxy projector

For an effective choice promising an accurate projection, this galaxy projector from Sega Toys is one to consider. This model comes with two star discs, showing the northern hemisphere with and without constellations. This model projects 60,000 high-definition stars onto the wall so it's one for those with a genuine interest in astronomy. There are more than 30 star discs to choose from, so you can expand your collection.

The warm white LEDs should allow for a comfortable and relaxing setup and you can opt for a rotation feature too. Thankfully the disc rotation is silent, so it's a nice pick for sleeping. There's a timer function so it'll automatically switch off, and we like the addition of the shooting star feature.

More like this

Fao Schwarz Discovery projector

Galaxy projector

This galaxy projector comes with three interchangeable discs showing planets, constellations and galaxies, and it's also get a pretty cool design that helps it stand out. Even when not in use, it's a fun bedside table accessory. With 360° pivoting abilities, this motorized galaxy projector is a fun choice for space daft kids.

Recommended for children over six, and it's battery operated too so you can easily move it around from room to room so the whole household can have a go.

BlissLights Sky Lite

White galaxy projector

This more vibrant galaxy projector displays green stars on a blue nebula cloud background resulting in a funky wall display. Straightforward to use - just plug into the wall - there are buttons to adjust brightness, choose different light effects and control the rotation function.

Great gift option for budding astronomers, or those looking to turn their living room into a late night rave scene. This particular design also works well for a home cinema - create the perfect ambience for a space movie marathon.

Benbat Hooty night light projector

Benbat Hooty Projector Night Light

The Benbat Hooty is more of a child's night light rather than an authentic galaxy projector, but this handy device could help everyone in the house enjoy a better night's sleep. The cute owl-shaped star projector attaches onto car seats and baby cots. You can prop it up on a table too - ideal for emergency naps, wherever you are.

As well as functioning as a star projector, there are soothing audio sounds such as crickets, lullabies and gentle birds. For a splash of colour, choose between a blue, green or amber light.

National Geographic galaxy projector

National Geographic Astro Planetarium

This multi-functional galaxy projector has a few surprise features including a radio, allowing you to enjoy the stars to music. You can also play music, or your favourite podcast – such as our podcast on the first stars in the Universe – from your phone as it's a speaker too.

The projector comes with two slides - one with annotated constellations and one without - so it's a fun learning tool for little ones too. You can even see falling stars as there's an integrated motor.

The most interesting part is the timer setting which lets you set the sky to the current date and time. So when it's far too cold for a night under the actual stars, this is an effective, and warmer, alternative.

Gift Republic projector

Black galaxy projector

A compact and affordable galaxy projector, great for bedroom décor. Enjoy the three different colour light settings and create a chilled out ambience as the stars and constellations glide around you.

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