Do you want the very best for your furry friend? Perhaps you're looking for some extra stimulation for house cats while you're out at work? Or maybe you're just after some peace of mind they have all they need in terms of comfort and entertainment.


Pets are good for people. They improve our physical and mental wellbeing and bring pleasure into our lives. A contented cat can help you become a contented owner, after all! So, if you want to treat your feline companion (or cat-loving friends) to the best, whether it's as a gift for their birthday or just because, here's our round-up of the best cat gadgets you can buy.

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9 of the best cat gadgets to buy in 2023

Petlibro Ultra Quiet Cat Water Fountain

Fresh drinking water is essential to your cat’s health, and a lot of our feline friends prefer lapping at running water. A drinking fountain, like this one from Petlibro, can help your cat get more liquids and look after their kidneys in the process, especially if their main diet is dry food. Standing water may accumulate bacteria, so it’s instinctive for cats to seek out fresh water sources. This cat water fountain is ultra-quiet, even when the water level gets low, so it’s ideal if you only have a small apartment and don’t want to be kept awake by trickling water noises.

Cat Scratcher - DJ Decks

If your moggy treats the furniture as public enemy number one, then this cat scratching turntable could be just the thing. It comes as a DIY, flat-pack project, and once constructed, has a moving turntable and tone arm. Let your cat realise their mews-ical potential and save the sofa! Or you know, they’ll probably just sit on it.

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Feliway Classic

Have you just moved house? Or brought a new pet home to meet your cat? Or perhaps you’re expecting lots of (socially distanced) visitors round? If your cat is prone to stress, or particularly sensitive to changes in routine, then Feliway is a solution trusted by vets. It works like a plug-in air freshener and comes with a diffuser and refill.

Feliway contains natural pheromones (the same ones that are released by your cat when they rub against something), helping them feel safe and secure. These pheromones are odourless and undetectable to humans but will help your cat settle, and calm behavioural issues. Pheromone products can even help dogs and cats be friends.

Vealind Interactive Fun Roller

This interactive fun roller toy is a great option to keep indoor cats entertained. There are three stackable levels of tracks, which allow a brightly coloured ball to whizz round when patted and has a non-slip base, so it won’t slide around during playtime. It’s engaging enough to keep cats engaged, yet deceptively simple. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the thousands of positive reviews on Amazon for this cool cat gadget.

Siivton Expandable Cat Carrier

Make trips to the V-E-T more bearable with this expandable cat carrier. With four-way expansion, this nifty carry case has mesh windows allowing for plenty of air circulation, so your kitty won’t overheat on long journeys. The cosy fleece lining can be removed (and machine-washed) so it’s easy to keep fresh, and there are plenty of entry points to get Sprinkles in and out.

Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder

Cats are creatures of habit, so an automatic feeder is a great idea if you leave your cat alone during the day, especially if they've gotten into a routine of being fed at specific times. This automatic cat feeder from Petlibro is the highest rated on Amazon and has over 1,500 positive reviews. You can program it to feed your pet up to four meals per day, and even record a 10-second clip of your voice so that they know it’s dinner time.

The Petlibro Automatic Cat Feeder is mains operated, but also has a backup battery power supply just in case of power cuts, which is handy. You can store several weeks of food in the four-litre container, and the latest model (pictured) has a semi-transparent tank so you can see when it’s time to refill.

SureFlap Smart Cat Flap

Let your cat use their implanted microchip as their own personal door key, with a smart cat flap from SureFlap. It works by recognising specific microchips, preventing animal intruders from entering the house. The device can recognise up to 32 different pets and uses simple one-touch programming compatible with all common microchips and RFID collar tags. It runs on four AA batteries and has a 12-month battery life.

Iokheira Interactive Cat Ball (4th Gen)

This interactive smart cat ball has 360° automatic rotation and random movement and will roll itself across the floor, automatically changing direction when coming into contact with an obstacle (wall, table, door etc). One charge (via USB) will provide four hours of playtime for your cat, and there’s even built-in catnip for added excitement. There are two different light modes, simple or colourful, and it will switch itself off after 45 minutes of rolling to conserve power.

Mora Pets Self-heating Cat Bed

Best Cat Gadgets - Mora Pets Self Heating Cat Bed

Keep your cat warm during the winter months with this self-heating cat bed from Mora Pets. It features a noiseless (so, not crinkly) heat-reflecting layer that will keep your cat (or small dog) warm, with no electricity required. It's reversible with smooth, plush fabric on one side and ultra-soft fleece on the other - and it's fully machine washable, too.

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