If you’re looking for ways to keep an eye on your canine while you’re at work, want to stay on top of their diet to keep them healthy, or need a ball thrower that can somehow match the energy of your pet, look no further than our list of the best dog gadgets we've spotted in 2022.

Below you will find everything you need to keep your pet feeling groomed, hydrated and entertained.

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Best dog gadgets to buy in 2022

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack on white background

If you feel bad about leaving your pet at home while you go travelling, worry no more as you can now take your pooch with you thanks to this dog carrier backpack, provided it’s a smaller breed.

Made for curious canines who enjoy the great outdoors, it has interior swivel tethers to ensure your pet stays firmly in place, with softly padded compartments to keep them comfortable as you explore.

It features both a waterproof Armorsole bottom as well as water-resistant fabric on the top; this is ideal for rainy weather conditions, but also combines with the stain-resistant front portion of the backpack to make clean-ups easy if there are any accidents.

As well as supporting and containing your pet, it also has the storage space you would expect from a practical backpack, with zippered pockets for extra items.

PetKit Stainless Steel Smart Pet Bowl

PetKit Stainless Steel Smart Pet Bowl on white background

It’s important to stay on top of your dog’s diet as this contributes directly to their health. This has been made a convenient and exact process with the PetKit smart bowl which measures food and water to the desired unit.

This means you should be able track calorie consumption as the bowl provides food and feeding suggestions based on your hound’s eating habits.

With an outer material made from BioCleanAct™ antimicrobial plastic, it should also help keep germs and bacteria at bay. Since it’s entirely waterproof, there shouldn’t be any concerns about the bowl breaking when mealtime gets a bit messy.

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WOPET Smart Pet Camera

WOPET Smart Pet Camera on white background

Whether you’re worried your dog is up to no good at home alone, or you simply miss them while you’re at work and want to check in, this smart pet camera will help you keep an eye on things in 1080p HD. There’s even an LED night vision option so you’ll be able to see how your pooch is doing day or night.

Featuring a two way voice system you’ll be able to greet your pet and even give them a treat that will pop from the device by using the app that connects to the camera.

Pet Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs

HEAPETBON Fold Pet Pooper Scooper for Large Dogs on white background

Clean up after your pet without getting too close to the mess with this pooper scooper designed for larger dogs. Made from environmentally friendly plastic it claims to be light but durable, which means it’s easy to use without being easy to break.

Fitted with an ergonomically designed handle, it has a spring-loaded bucket for convenient, one-handed operation so you can simultaneously hold onto your dog’s lead. The scooping bucket itself has sharp teeth to ensure it picks up all the debris left behind, with a long handle so you don’t need to bend down.

Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmer

gonicc Dog and Cat Pets Nail Clippers on white background

Designed to cut through the thickest nails without causing your pet discomfort, this clipper and trimmer combo made with stainless steel blades claims to trim in just one cut.

Made with a comfortable handle to prevent the clippers slipping and causing any nicks or cuts on your dog’s paw, they also have a guard on the back to ensure you don’t cut any more than you mean to.

Once the nails are successfully clipped you can finish the job by using the nail file which also comes stored in the handle for easy access. To stop a child from using them, they also have unlock prevention, so this lightweight device can only be used by you.

Dog Drinking Water Fountain

ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Dog Drinking Water Fountain on white background

Make sure your dog is fully hydrated by putting them in control of their water access and giving them their very own drinking fountain. Seemingly simple to use, your dog just has to push their paw on the panel which will release the water as and when they need it.

Apparently suitable for all sizes of dogs due to the wide lever, it can be connected to a hose for a continuous supply of delicious drinking water.

Automatic Ball Launcher

ALL FOR PAWS Interactive Dog Toy Automatic Ball Launcher on white background

If you’re struggling to keep up with the energy of your dog as he plays fetch, or want to give your dog the chance to play until he wears himself out, this automatic fetching machine can give you a helping hand. Just set the distance you want it to be launched and drop in the balls which come included.

Bear in mind these are the only balls you can use with this machine as other brands are not compatible, and you should always supervise your dog while he is using the machine.

The ball can be thrown 10, 20 or 30 feet (3, 6 or 9 metres) depending on the area you and your dog are playing in.

BISSELL BarkBath Dog Bath & Deep Cleaner

Bissell BARKBATH Dual Use Portable Dog Bath & Deep Cleaner on white background

After taking your dog on muddy walks or working up a sweat chasing balls, the chances are they’ll need a thorough clean. This 2-in-1 portable pet cleaner is a device that should help keep your dog spotless, and can also be used to clean up any mess they leave behind.

It features three spray nozzles that bypass the fur and get down to the skin to allow for a deep and thorough water and shampoo wash, and has a soft suction element that pulls the dirt and water away from your pet and into a water tank. There are also three grooming clips which can be used to brush your dog’s coat.

Taking on a variety of sizes, this device can clean dogs that are up to 80 pounds (36kg), and claims to use significantly less water than a traditional bathtub wash would. Just be mindful that it emits a sound similar to that of a vacuum, but there is a user guide included to help acclimatise noise-sensitive and anxious dogs.

Buy the Bissell Barkbath directly from Bissell

Kurgo Car Seat Belt for Pets

Kurgo Car Seat Belt for Pets on white background

When you’re driving with the dog in the car the last thing you want is your pet leaping around, so ensure their safety (and yours) with this specially-made seatbelt for pets.

Fitted with a seatbelt tether, it should keep your dog securely in place in a comfortable position by attaching to the dog’s harness. The belt extends from 15 to 23 inches (38 to 58cm) with an adjustable tether that claims to be compatible with all dog harnesses and is a universal fit for most vehicles, excluding Volvo and Ford trucks.

Portable Dog Water Bottle

TUNAON Portable Dog Water Bottle Pet Drinking Bottle on white background

During a long walk is when your dog will need to hydrate the most, which is a problem this portable dog water bottle neatly solves. It claims to hold 258ml of water, and even has a pouch that can carry 200ml of food, ideal for handing out biscuits and treats on your trek.

The plastic used is food-grade, BPA-free and lead-free, and is shaped with a small bowl at the end so your pet can take a drink comfortably. It also gives you the option of changing the speed flow of the water. All of this is possible using just one hand, so you can keep a firm hold of your dog lead with the other.

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