There's a wide array of eco-friendly toys available so you can make your home, and your children's toy box, greener. Eco-friendly toys not only help you reduce your household's plastic consumption, but they encourage kids to enjoy the benefits of sustainable products, so they're a wise investment.


We've put together a list of the best eco-friendly toys on the market so curious, bored and inquisitive kids can let their imaginations run wild through creative play, protecting the planet as they do so.

Our roundup includes a variety of engaging toys for different age groups, from plant-based building blocks and solar powered robots, to recycled rockets and weather stations.

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The best eco-friendly toys for 2022

Paper plane launcher (ages 8+)

Build your own paper plane launcher

Fancy advancing your paper aeroplane skills? This crafty kit allows you to build your very own paper plane launcher. It comes with press out parts, elastic bands, paper aeroplanes and scoring targets. Once you've followed the instructions and built your contraption, just load your plane, pull back your lever and watch your plane fly! It's claimed the planes can travel up to 20m, so make sure you give yourself a clear runway!

This is a plastic-free design that's made of sustainable cardboard, and you'll be pleased to hear there's no need for glue.

This eco-friendly toy features 47 pieces, so it's a great choice for a rainy afternoon when kids are bored and unsettled and you want to keep them busy. It's recommended for ages eight and over, and it's an amusing - and competitive - thing you can do as a family!

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Aurora Eco Nation wolf (ages 0+)

Wolf cuddly toy

This adorable little grey, white and brown wolf is made from recycled plastics. The eyes are embroidered rather than made of plastic, and the filling is free of plastic beans, so it should be extra soft and huggable. The Eco Nation cuddly toy collection offers an impressive range of animals from pigs and lambs, to flamingos and llamas, so you're likely to find your child's favourite! This would make a lovely gift for young animal lovers.

Micro Scooters maxi eco deluxe scooter (ages 5-12)

Green scooter

The deck of this cool scooter is made from recycled fishing nets, so it's an exciting and eco-friendly mode of transport kids are bound to love. Keen to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean, Micro turn ocean waste into pellets which they then melt and turn into scooter deck moulds. Pretty neat.

The environmental benefits don't stop there though, as of course scooters help to encourage car-free travel. They're a fun way for kids to get around, so they should make stressful family walks and shopping trips more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone involved.

This scooter has three wheels, and it's recommended for children aged 5 to 12, so it's ideal for primary school runs. It's easy to use as children simply lean in the direction they wish to travel, so they can improve their motor and coordination skills as they scoot about. We also love the shiny green bar and snazzy design!

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Green Toys rocket (ages 2-5)

Red and blue toy rocket

Made from recycled plastic milk bottles, this toy rocket is an easy way to demonstrate the positive effects of recycling to young kids. This straightforward toy features two flip-down doors, a detachable top capsule and two astronaut figures, so children can play creatively (and you don't have to tidy up 30 tiny plastic pieces at the end of the day).

Its sturdy nature lends itself well to active play sessions, and you can even pop it in the dishwasher. It's suitable for children over the age of two, and it's great for space loving kids with an inventive imagination.

14-in-1 solar robot (ages 10+)

14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

This solar robot is a super way for children to appreciate renewable and alternative energy, as this eco-friendly toy is powered by sunlight. You can create 14 different robot designs including a running beetle, a walking crab, a dog bot and a surfer so it's a great gift idea for inquisitive kids who enjoy throwing themselves into a project.

In terms of building the different characters, the pieces snap together, so there's no need for tools or glue. Kids can crack on and test their engineering skills and trial new creations.

You can change the direction of the robot's movement by adjusting the polarity of the solar panel, and there's also a transparent housing system so you can watch the gears as they function. You can even use it on water, so it's a versatile bot!

It's suitable for children aged 10 and over, and it's sure to be a crowd pleaser when you have a house full of kids looking for an activity.

Tender Leaf weather watch (ages 3+)

Wooden weather station toy

This wooden interactive weather station board is a top gift for budding meteorologists! It's an interesting way for children to learn about temperatures, the seasons and moon phases. They can change the board daily and keep the rainfall bucket and wind meter up to date, so it's a helpful tool if you're looking for something to help set a morning routine. It comes with a cute drawstring bag so you can keep the nine magnetic weather pieces in one secure place.

It's made from sustainable rubberwood, and it's a beautiful design that's both educational and engaging.

Biobuddi wildlife eco blocks (ages 1.5+)

Building blocks for kids

While we typically think of building blocks as brightly coloured plastic, these blocks are made of leftover sugar cane, so they're a sustainable and eco-friendly option. They can also be recycled once your kids have outgrown the set which is another bonus!

This particular playset is set on a lagoon, so you'll find a flamingo, palm tree, crocodile and duckling in the box. It's suitable for children over the age of 18 months, and there are 25 blocks altogether.

  • £17.99

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