Science Focus Education Pack: Robots

Download the fourth part of the Science Focus Education Pack here to learn all about robots and artificial intelligence.

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The Science Focus Education Pack is a new series of worksheets aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 students. Part 4 covers robots and AI, with a quiz, a set of questions based on a feature, and a project idea.

The quiz questions are on the worksheet, but if you prefer, you can also do it here:

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One day we’ll look back at the world before our robot overlords took over and wonder why we got them cleaning windows and flipping burgers…

It’s a long journey to the centre of the Earth, but getting there isn’t just a hard slog for us humans.


Wild ideas in science Robots will never think like us

Artificial intelligence keeps getting smarter: it can thrash us at games, classify images and drive cars. But it can never imitate human thought.

Robots are everywhere these days, but how close are they to thinking for themselves? Here are five intelligent robots showing the evolution of AI.

If the dystopian future you read about in sci-fi involved robots that stumbled and staggered through the forest then watch out – Atlas is about!

Robot expert Dr Lucy Rogers casts aside any Hollywood depictions of skull-crushing Terminators and looks at the real-life robots that are making a positive impact in our lives.

Why have one robot when you could have a thousand all working together? Ian Taylor checks out the latest advancement in robotics...

Honda Motor Corporation’s Asimo has been dubbed the world’s most advanced robot - but is that really the case?

Robot made from pig intestine uses magnetic fields to move and treat damage caused by electric current.

Robots have revolutionised industry, medicine and space travel, but they haven't always had such lofty ideals - here are a few retro robots from history doing everyday tasks.

Unlike 'Frankenstein', the word 'robot' managed to escape its science-fiction origins as it entered our language.

We don't have to rely on sci-fi when it comes to creating scary robots - scientist have been building terrifying (although incredibly useful) robotic humans for years.