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Are You A Genetic Superhero?

Published: 18th August, 2016 at 00:00
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Some of you (yes, you!) could hold the key to fighting genetic diseases.

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Issue: 298

Are you a genetic superhero?

Some of you (yes, you!) could hold the key to fighting genetic diseases.

The most extreme jobs in science

Science isn’t all about lab work. How do crocodiles, poo and bugs take your fancy?

Coming to a supermarket near you: synthetic steak

With the world’s population soaring, should we be growing meat in the lab?

How safe is your plane?

Jetting off on your hols? Check out the testing each plane experiences before its first flight.

How do we know Nessie doesn’t exist?

Sorry, Scotland. There really isn’t a monster lurking in Loch Ness. But we wish there was!

Is city life killing us?

Cities are great for socialising and working, but maybe you should consider a change of scenery...

UHD TV: buyer’s guide

Treat your eyeballs to out-of-this-world colour and resolution.


  • Why don’t some people have rhythm?
  • Is a liquid planet possible?
  • Could you survive a bear attack?


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