On sale date: 25th June 2015


Issue: 283

Countdown to Pluto

For decades, Pluto has been little more than a pinprick of light lurking in the outer reaches of the Solar System. But now, NASA's New Horizons space probe is set to fly by this frozen dwarf planet and its strange collection of moons. Inside this month's Focus, we explore what we might find waiting for us.

Written in your genes

Francis Crick and James Watson became household names for their 1953 discovery of the structure of DNA, and their breakthrough formed the basis for our understanding of how attributes are passed from one generation to the next. But DNA isn't the whole story, as we reveal in this month's issue. Find out about the incredible science of epigenetics.

The trouble with time travel

With the cult 1980s film Back To The Future celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, we take a look at the mind-warping paradoxes the concept throws up. Could a time traveller go back in time and kill their own grandfather? We reveal all!

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