On sale date: 7th January 2016


Issue: 290

The Dawn of GM Babies

DNA from a third parent could prevent babies inheriting congenital conditions.

Formula Drone

Old video tech is being built into drones to give racers a pilot’s eye view.

Activate ‘Cheat mode’

How VW tried to hide the extent of the emissions from its diesel cars.

Also inside this issue:

2016: the year in science: Take a glimpse at the biggest experiments in the coming 12 months

It’s a small world: Our favourite images from Nikon’s photo contest

How do we know…? What dinosaurs looked like

My life scientific: With UCL’s Sophie Scott


Q&A: How bright is daylight on Pluto? Why does plucking your eyebrows make you sneeze?

MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science

Tech Hub: Li-Fi to take over from Wi-Fi

To Do List: We look forward to the sixth series of Stargazing Live

Discoveries: Artificial intelligence technology to bring resurrection to life?

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