Issue 371 cover

Q&A of the year

Could you cook a turkey by dropping it from space? What are NFTs? Does working from home help the environment? What is the carbon footprint of a Netflix binge? And are spiders getting bigger?


Here comes the Sun

With the nights at their longest, bring a little light into your life with this look at winter solstice celebrations from around the world.

2021 in science

A recap of some of the year’s biggest stories from the fields of medicine, genetics, robotics, animal behaviour and space exploration.

Brain games

You’ve unwrapped the presents, scoffed the turkey and pulled the crackers. Now what? You could take bets on how long it takes your nan to nod off in front of The Great Escape... Or you could round up the family to try and solve our science-themed Christmas puzzles.


  • Christmas gift guide
  • The science of The Matrix

Issue 371 on sale 1 December 2021

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