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Issue: 310

Hackers: can they be beaten?

We investigate some of the biggest hacks in recent years and chat to an ex-hacker about why people hack and how they could be stopped.

Cassini: one way mission to Saturn

Cassini will soon be smashing into Saturn, marking the end of its mission. We take a look at some of its biggest discoveries to date.

DIY science

Make a liquid magnet, extract DNA from strawberries and create elephant toothpaste.

How to crush poker champions with maths

Reckon you’re a pretty awesome poker player? Bet you can’t beat DeepStack…

Understand antibiotic resistance

Experts reckon that antibiotic resistance could be one of the biggest threats to humankind. So what can we do about it?


  • Why don’t slugs have shells?
  • Why does toast often land butter-side down?
  • Could humans evolve to adapt to Mars?


Eye opener - Stunning images from around the planet.

Discoveries - All of the month’s best science news.

Innovations - The world’s lightest electric bike, Avatar comes to Disneyworld, and our roundup of the coolest camping gear.

Helen Czerski - This month, Helen ponders punctured bicycle tyres.

Out there - All the best science-y stuff to do this month.

Crossword - It’s like a workout for your brain!

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher chats ice cream, Antarctic loo breaks and Boaty McBoatface with Prof Jane Francis of the British Antarctic Survey.

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