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The treasure beneath melting glaciers

As the planet warms, melting ice is revealing ancient objects previously hidden from view, and archaeologists are now racing against the clock to protect these antiquities before it's too late. Jheni Osman visits the Swiss Alps to find out more.


Dr Katie Mack

A proton should be one of the simplest particles in physics, yet its weird properties send scientists down a rabbit hole of complexity.

The carnivore diet

The meat-only diet has gone viral on social media, with its proponents claiming that humans evolved to exist on animal protein alone. Nutritional scientist Dr Wendy Hall investigates whether a meat-and-offal-filled diet can keep you ripped and healthy, as claimed by the Liver King.

The best science images of 2022

When it comes to photography, the James Webb Space Telescope stole the show, with visuals that reminded us what an outrageously beautiful place the Universe can be. But to tell the truth, over the last 12 months there was no shortage of mind-blowing images that changed our perspectives. Here’s our selection of the best, and what they taught us…


  • Hormones explained: The chemical regulators that keep your bodily processes in balance.
  • Climate change: How anxiety about the future of the planet is having an effect on our mental wellbeing.
  • Ideas we like: Our pick of this month's smartest tech, including a detailed look at Google's first smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch.

Issue 386 on sale 27 December 2022

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Holly SpannerStaff Writer, BBC Science Focus

Holly is the staff writer at BBC Science Focus, and specialises in astronomy. Before joining the team she was a geoenvironmental consultant and holds an MSc in Geoscience (distinction) from UCL.