How Science Will Help You Live to 100 and Beyond

In this month's Focus, read about the medical revolution that will radically extend your lifespan.

On sale date: 1st May 2014


Issue: 268

How Science Will Help You Live to 100 (and Beyond)

What if you could live past 100? Would you want to? It’s a question we might all need to start thinking about. In recent months, some of the highest-profile pioneers have announced plans to start looking for the genes that could make us live forever. In this month’s Focus, read about the medical revolution that will radically extend your lifespan.

Why We Love Alcohol

Many of us enjoy a cold lager or a colourful cocktail, but what is it about alcohol that keeps us coming back for more? According to a new theory, it might be evolution. This month, we explore the ‘drunken monkey hypothesis’, which links our love of booze to the fruit-eating habits of our primate ancestors.

Driving Into the Future

From automated driving and 360-degree cameras to night vision and chairs that give hot stone massages, the latest technology-enhanced cars are something to behold. Inside this month’s issue, we test drive today’s four most high-tech cars to find out what you might be driving tomorrow.

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