On sale date: 22nd August 2013


Issue: 259

How Sleep Can Make You Smarter

Want to learn French? How about the violin? New research is showing that sleep is not only critical for staying alert and attentive - it also influences our ability to learn new things. In this month's Focus, find out how a well-timed nap can strengthen your memories and even help you perfect new skills. You'll never look at your daily slumber the same way again...

Seven Myths About Cats

Surprising new finds suggest that it's time to forget what you think you know about your feline companion. Are cats domesticated animals? Are they really that curious? Does milk make an ideal food? We reveal why everything you know about your moggie is wrong.

Secrets of Sunken Egypt

Over a thousand years ago, the ancient city of Heracleion was buried beneath the Mediterranean Sea, and scholars doubted whether it would ever be seen again. But today, archaeologists are finding tablets, gold coins and even gigantic statues, showing just how important this port once was. We look at their efforts to raise this sunken settlement.

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