On sale date: 13th October 2016


Issue: 300

How technology is rewiring your brain

From GPS to social media, we rely on technology to run our lives – but is that a risky strategy?

Can we end cancer?

Detailing the latest advances in the war against this most insidious of killers.

Why dogs are better than cats

A dog is man’s best friend, they say – and it turns out owning one could have health benefits, too.

Wi-Fi speakers

We take a look at some of the best wireless speakers around, with models to suit all occasions.

How do we know… ?

Delving into the weird world of particle physics and the nature of matter itself.

Are we getting more violent?

War rages in the Middle East, while terrorist attacks are rising across Europe. But it’s not all bad news…


  • Why do joints crack?
  • Who owns the Moon?
  • How do Inuits get their five-a-day?


Eye opener - Astounding pictures from around the planet.

Discoveries - All of this month’s best science news.

Innovations - The tech that’s getting us excited.

Helen Czerski - The great microwave mystery.

Robert Matthews - Coming soon: personalised medicine.

Robin Ince - Why do people believe in ghosts?

Out there - The best books, TV shows and days out to enjoy this month. PLUS: Explore Stockholm with marine botanist Ellen Schagerström.

Crossword - An angry unit of speech, say (9).

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher gets in the mood for dancing with psychologist Dr Peter Lovatt.

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