Issue #325 of BBC Focus on sale 25 July 2018


Hunting for life’s cosmic origin

NASA is going to capture a sample from an asteroid. What they bring back could show us how life began.

The real reason we don’t have a male pill

Times are a-changing, and many men want to take control of their fertility. So how long will they have to wait for a male pill?

60 years of NASA

We look back over some of the space agency’s most iconic moments.

Indigenous science

Knowledge from indigenous communities is helping us make new discoveries.

Wearables take on autism

A new wearable that measures biometrics could help to shine a light on living with autism.


  • What if the Earth doubled in size?
  • Why do dogs tilt their head when you speak to them?
  • Can weather forecasters predict rainbows?


Eye opener - Incredible images from around the world

Discoveries - This month’s biggest science news. PLUS: Cannabis oil.

Michael Mosley - The bug that causes stomach ulcers could help beat allergies.

Innovations - All the best technology and gadget news. PLUS: Cameras on test.

Out there - The best science books, TV and activities to look forward to this month.

Crossword - Get your brain in gear!

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher talks to BBC presenter Dr Alice Roberts about skeletons, swimming and Strictly Come Dancing.

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Hunting For Life’s Cosmic Origin

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