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Issue: 323

Inside the mind of a dinosaur

How brains, not brawn, helped T. rex conquer the planet.

Time travel: a user guide

Time travel could be possible. We investigate the science behind it.

Deep thought

Fish are smart – they can recognise faces, cheat, and even understand physics.

The surprising new science of sleep

Gone is the attitude of ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’. The importance of a good night’s rest is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Reader survey

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Tricks of the mind

Psychologists are starting to figure out why we get false memories, and it turns out that they might even be useful.


  • How do you get milk from nuts?
  • How long can a chicken survive without its head
  • How big could a black hole get?


Eye opener - Incredible images from around the world.

Discoveries - This month’s biggest science news.

Michael Mosley - Is it possible to beat jet lag?

Innovations - All the best technology and gadget news. PLUS: Televisions on test.

Helen Czerski - Helen ponders the beauty of sand ripples at the seaside.

Out there - The best science books and activities to look forward to this month.

Crossword - Get that flabby brain in shape!

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher talks to Olympian Greg Whyte about fencing, Comic Relief and doughnuts.

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