On sale date: 12th May 2017


Issue: 308

Is anything good for you any more?

The internet is stuffed with confusing information about food. Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Saleyha Ahsan from Trust Me, I’m A Doctor are here to help.

The sound of progress

How Abbey Road, the world’s most famous recording studio, is expanding its technological horizons for the 21st Century.

Lost and found

Bella Bathurst lost her hearing; Vanessa Potter’s sight disappeared. Both their senses later returned. They tell us their stories.

Connecting to the wood-wide web

Hidden beneath our feet is a network of fungi that plants use to ‘talk’.

Jeff Forshaw and Brian Cox’s guide to the cosmos

In part 3 of our exclusive series, Jeff Forshaw and and Brian Cox look at the symmetry of particle physics.


How do chameleons change colour?

  • Can a fright turn hair white?
  • Is AI stealing jobs?
  • How do corals eats?


Discoveries - All of this month’s biggest science news.

Innovations - Our pick of the best tech and gadgets to hit our desks this month. PLUS: rugged speakers on test.

Helen Czerski - Why tyres are quieter on wet roads.

Out there - All the best science-y stuff to do this month.

Crossword - Our tricky science-themed crossword will get your grey matter churning.

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher has a chat with dinosaur expert and keen brewer Dr Andrew Farke.

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