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The Power Of Laziness

Published: 04th July, 2018 at 00:00
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Why it's the ultimate evolutionary strategy.

On sale date: 4th July 2018
Issue: 324

Laziness: the ultimate evolutionary strategy

The lazy ape - Is our gift for laziness what makes us human?

Don’t worry, be lazy - Don’t feel guilty about kicking back and relaxing this summer.

The power of sloth - A sloth’s lifestyle makes it the ultimate evolutionary success story.

The lazy brain - Our brains are incredible, but they’re also pretty lazy.

Lazy ways to save the planet - As Kermit the Frog would say, “it’s not easy being green”. Kermit, you’re wrong.

Space wars

Our reliance on satellites is pushing battlegrounds away from the planet and into space.

Put the mantis shrimp in goal!

These animals could give us our best chance yet in the World Cup!

Rethinking the Neanderthals

The stereotype of Neanderthals as stupid, grunting cavemen couldn’t be more wrong.

Slowing down climate change

Two men and a bunch of bison could help save our planet from climate change.


  • Why are cats scared of cucumbers?
  • How was the length of a second first calculated?
  • Is there a theoretical upper limit to human life?


Eye opener - Fabulous images from around the world.

Discoveries - This month’s biggest science news. PLUS: Hawking’s last hurrah

Michael Mosley - Could changing your mealtimes improve your health?

Innovations - All the latest technology and gadget news.

Helen Czerski - Sand behaves pretty weirdly when you step on it. Helen explains why.

Out there - All the best science books and activities to look forward to this month.

Crossword - Have a workout in our brain gym.

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher chats to Eugenia Cheng.

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