On sale date: 2nd February 2017

Issue: 304

Life after man

Many experts believe that our days on Earth are numbered. We take a look at how the planet will change in the days, months and years following our demise.

The viruses that made us human

HIV, flu and chicken pox. Viruses are horrible, right? Not necessarily – in fact, many may have shaped our genes and evolution.

How to keep your brain sharp

Brain expert Rita Carter takes a look at the methods that can make you smarter.

Should we worry about asteroids?

We’re fascinated by the threat of doom raining down on us from the skies. But are asteroids really anything to worry about?

How do we know what’s at the centre of the Earth?

It’s taken centuries for scientists to establish what’s at our planet’s core. Clue: there aren’t any monsters…


  • What causes middle age spread?
  • Why do cats have whiskers?
  • Could a computer conduct an orchestra?


Discoveries - all of this month’s biggest science news.

Innovations - behold our round-up of the greatest gadgets from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Helen Czerski - Why don’t aeroplanes always leave fluffy white trails in the sky?

Out there - The best books, TV shows and days out.

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