On sale date: 10th January 2018


Issue: 317

Mission into the Sun

Our star defies the laws of nature. It’s time to find out why.

Dry January: what’s the point?

Michael Mosley tries a month of sobriety to see if it really improves his health.

The science of fighting fat

Got a little bit of post-Christmas podge? Put down the diet book and read our tips.

Time for a tech detox?

Can you get hooked on tech, and is it possible to improve your relationship with your phone?

Cryptocurrencies: should you invest?

Are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin a disaster waiting to happen, or the future of cash?

Beginners’ guide to modern cosmology

Get to grips with gravitational waves, exoplanets and black holes.


  • Why does an octopus have more than one heart?
  • Why is gold yellow?
  • Is human eyesight getting worse?


Eye opener – Amazing images from around the planet.

Discoveries – This month’s biggest science news.

Innovations – The coolest tech and gadgets we’ve seen this month.

Helen Czerski – This month, Helen takes a closer look at the shape of champagne corks.

Out there – All the best science-y stuff to look forward to over the coming months.

Crossword – Has your brain gone squashier than a trifle? Get it back in shape with our cryptic crossword.

My life scientific – Helen Pilcher chats to James Wong about the intelligence of plants.

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