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Moonbase 2030

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The UK missions that are laying the groundwork for a permanent lunar station.

Moonbase 2030

Great balls of fire

We went behind the scenes at RAF Marham to find out more about the new F-35 fighters that (almost) fly themselves.


The next giant leap

The UK is playing a leading part in getting boots back on the Moon.

Looking for life on Mars

We talk to planetary scientist Miché Aaron about her hunt for minerals on the Red Planet.

What popular psychology gets wrong

Classic psychological theories can capture our imaginations, but new research is revealing that the human mind isn’t as simple as we’d like to think.


  • Innovations: Tech news and gadgetry
  • Aleks Krotoski: Why, in these strange times, our brains love to latch on to a conspiracy theory

Issue 352 on sale 16 July 2020

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