On sale date: 20th September 2017


Issue: 313

Never be tired again

Can’t crawl out of bed in the morning? Our expert tips will help you get your spark back.

Space tourism gets real

An in-depth look at Elon Musk’s SpaceX and its revolutionary reusable Falcon 9 rocket.

Unconventional love in the natural world

Some organisms do things a little differently from the usual boy meets girl routine…

“The day my brain broke”

There’s nothing funny about OCD, says sufferer James Lloyd.

The man who predicted climate change

Some 200 years ago, one scientist sounded the alarm about climate change.

Into the grey zone

Meet the man who can talk to people in vegetative states by getting them to think of tennis.


How do mussels stick to wet rocks?

Is gravity getting weaker?

Can photosynthesis be recreated in the lab?


Eye opener - Amazing images from around the planet.

Discoveries - Get your science news and updates here.

Innovations - The coolest tech we’ve seen this month.

Helen Czerski - This month, Helen throws her laundry in the tumble dryer to contemplate static electricity.

Out there - All the best science books and activities.

Crossword - Get that grey matter churning.

My life scientific - Thirty-five years after the Mary Rose was raised from the Solent, Helen Pilcher talks to Eleanor Schofield, who is in charge of the ship’s conservation.

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