How evolution created vampires

Count Dracula, Lestat de Lioncourt, Laszlo... all these vampires have got oodles of charisma, natty dress sense and an intriguing backstory. But we reckon the animal kingdom can do better, so we take a closer look at some of the animals that quaff blood to survive. Cheers!



Men are losing friends and struggling to make new ones - and missing out on powerful health benefits in the process. So, what's going on?

DART: The spacecraft that NASA smashed into an asteroid

NASA's DART spacecraft made impact with its asteroid target, Dimorphos, on 27 September 2022. Dr Tim Gregory tells us about this first-of-its-kind mission.


  • Fungi explained: Everything you need to know about these decomposing, fermenting, edible, toxic, carbon-sequestering, disease-causing, disease-curing, pollutant-busting, mind-bending, rain-generating, zombie-making marvels.
  • Could smartwatches and fitness trackers change medicine?
  • Getting to the heart of dark matter: We've mapped it, but the exact nature of dark matter remains elusive. And for most astronomers, that's okay.

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Holly SpannerStaff Writer, BBC Science Focus

Holly is the staff writer at BBC Science Focus, and specialises in astronomy. Before joining the team she was a geoenvironmental consultant and holds an MSc in Geoscience (distinction) from UCL.