Are we alone in the Universe?

Pioneering scientists think we should start looking for extraterrestrials in a whole new way: by seeking out alien technology.


The bio bots

Researchers are getting a closer look at the lives of animals by sending robot creatures undercover.

Crime and nourishment

A series of prison studies have raised interesting points about whether the food we eat could affect how violent or aggressive we are.

Me, you and intimacy too

When was the last time you were truly intimate with someone? Dr Michelle Drouin says we are in the midst of an intimacy famine, and discusses whether social media and smartphones are to blame.


  • Dr Michael Mosley on why we need to fill our plates with tofu, Greek yoghurt and fish
  • The plan to send water bears to a galaxy far, far away...

Issue 374 on sale 16 February 2022

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