New issue: Why it's time we changed our relationship with fat

Published: 17th August, 2022 at 09:19
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Fat is not just an inert lump of lard. We find out why it's so important, address some of the myths, and why scientists want to uncover more about its hidden powers.

Nap like a genius

You snooze, you win. Napping can have positive effects on your health and cognition, so we explore the art of a scientific siesta.


Robot sentience

Dr Kate Darling dives into the question of robot sentience, and how it can lead to far-reaching conversations about the people we want to be.

Animal architects

Take a trip around the world and meet some of the amazing animal architects that make smart, intricate structures, without using bricks and mortar.


  • Why exercise in pill form might not be such a great idea
  • Dyson spheres explained

Issue 381 on sale 17 August 2022

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