On sale date: 11th November 2016


Issue: 301

Rise of the conscious machines

Should we invent human-like robots, with the ability to think, feel and empathise like us?

Planet Earth II

Feast your eyes on some of the incredible wildlife that’s setting up home in the concrete jungle.

The search for our second sun

Plus nine more of the strangest theories that scientists are researching right now.

The real Jurassic Park

Once a species has gone extinct, that’s it, right? Not necessarily, says Helen Pilcher.

Should we get over GM food?

Many people are opposed to genetically modified foods. But are their fears justified?


  • What makes batteries explode?
  • What time is it on the Moon?
  • Does chicken soup help a cold?


Eye opener - Fabulous pictures from around the planet.

Discoveries - This month’s most important scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.

Innovations - News from the world of technology.

Helen Czerski - Why don’t flambéed crêpes catch fire?

Robert Matthews - Radiation isn’t all bad.

Robin Ince - What does Christmas shopping do to your brain?

Out there - Cool science-y stuff to do. PLUS: visit London with Lewis Dartnell.

Crossword - Get that grey matter in gear!

My life scientific - With Kathy Willis of Kew Gardens

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