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Secrets Of The Dinosaurs' Last Days

Published: 21st July, 2016 at 00:00
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Scientists are drilling into the Chicxulub crater to find out what happened after the dinos died.

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Issue: 297

The day the dinosaurs died

Scientists are drilling into the Chicxulub crater to find out what happened after the dinos died.

Good vs evil

Two scientists go head-to-head to decide whether it’s better to be naughty or nice.

The hominin games

Could we beat our ancestors at the Olympics? Dr Isabelle de Groot weighs up our chances.

Raiding the ocean’s medicine cabinet

Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness. Could the world’s waters offer new alternatives?

Could a pig’s heart save your life?

There is a chronic shortage of donor organs. Could we make up the shortfall with animals, and is it ethically correct to do so?

10 gadgets to upgrade the British summer barbecue

We try out the hottest barbecue tech out there. Just don’t blame us if you burn the bangers.

Understand the power of music

Your favourite tunes could help you work harder and exercise for longer. But why?


  • Why do cats love catnip?
  • How far do sneezes travel?
  • Why do we roll our eyes?


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