On sale date: 13th October 2017


Issue: 314

Something’s wrong with gravity

What if the force that holds the Universe together doesn’t exist?

Solving the plastic problem

We investigate the innovative technology that could clean up our oceans.

Extreme weather: will we ever see it coming?

Thirty years after the Great Storm of 1987, we find out why weather is so hard to predict.

How memory works

Scientists have been untangling the mysteries of memory for centuries.

Can robots create art?

Meet the AI artists that can create beautiful and original masterpieces.


How much does the Earth’s atmosphere weigh?

Are chin dimples hereditary?

Why do some people love horror films?


Eye opener - Fabulous images from around the world.

Discoveries - Get the latest science news here.

Innovations - The coolest tech we’ve seen this month. PLUS: Turntables on test.

Helen Czerski - This month, Helen looks for rainbows in a chunk of ice.

Out there - All the best science-y activities to enjoy over the coming weeks.

Crossword - Give your brain a workout.

My life scientific - We talk to Dr Andrew Digby, who is in charge of an innovative project to save the world’s weirdest parrot.

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