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Summer Q&A Special

Published: 26th June, 2013 at 00:00
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Will this summer be a spectacularly sunny one or yet another damp squib? We'll soon find out.

On sale date: 27th June 2013


Issue: 257

Summer Q&A Special

Will this summer be a spectacularly sunny one or yet another damp squib? We'll soon find out. But what will our summers be like in the more distant future? In this month's summer-themed Q&A special, we look ahead to the summers of the 2050s.


  • Is sunshine good for you?
  • What's the best way to keep cool?
  • Will holiday flights get shorter?

The Bible Explained by Science

In his new book, the outspoken geneticist Steve Jones uses science to retell the Bible, with surprising results. We asked him to give his scientific perspective on stories from the Bible, from the birth of the Universe and the start of life to Noah's Ark and visions of God.

How to Win the Tour de France

As the Tour de France celebrates its 100th race, the real rivals that the cyclists need to worry about are the laws of physics. We look at the science that's giving cyclists an edge in their battle against gravity, friction and air resistance as they compete to win the ultimate cycle race.

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MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science

Tech Hub: The sat-nav that talks to you like a real person

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