On sale date: 15th October 2015


Issue: 287

Surviving isolation

As the film The Martian comes to the silver screen, we examine the effects of extreme isolation on the human psyche.

Nature's nightmare animals

Forget vampires, mummies and zombies this Halloween – here are some living, breathing monsters.

Why we want to believe

From JFK to chem-trails, why do conspiracy theories have such a grip on our collective imaginations?

Also inside this issue:

Real-life superhumans: Native Mexicans, Buddhist monks and Thai nomads with amazing abilities.

Can we build a moon base? The difficulties involved in setting up home on Earth’s natural satellite.

Rocket science in 10 minutes: Prepare for blast-off with our easy-to-digest guide to rocket-fuelled propulsion.

The Ultimate test: music streaming services go head-to-head.


Q&A: Why are impact craters always circular?

MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science

Tech Hub: 4K smartphones - do we need them?

To Do List: Predators hunt for food in the epic new series The Hunt

Discoveries: Does water found on Mars mean there is life?

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