On sale date: 22nd August 2014


Issue: 272

The coming age of teleportation

Teleportation is a staple of science fiction, conjuring up visions of Star Trektransporters and Doctor Who transmats. But although the concept seems as far-fetched as faster-than-light travel and time machines, teleportation is gradually becoming a reality. Inside the September issue of Focus, we reveal how teleportation on a tiny scale is about to transform our future.

Formula E gets ready to go

This September sees the start of a brand new motor racing championship. Just like Formula 1, Formula E boasts the familiar sleek, high-octane racers, but with one crucial difference: all of the cars are powered by electricity alone. In this month's Focus, find out how the competition will act as a new and exciting test bed for electric car technology.

The war on smog

Earlier this year, a smog cloud gripped the UK, prompting thousands of 999 calls and over a million asthma attacks. With airborne pollution rising in cities around the world, millions of lives are increasingly at risk. We look at the problem of smog, investigating some of the technology that could help us to clear the air.

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