On sale date: 4th April 2018

Issue: 320

Stephen Hawking

What Stephen Hawking taught us, as told by his contemporaries.

The hunt for Earth’s sister

How one photo, snapped by Project Blue, could change our view of the Universe.

Road to recovery

With news of nuclear war hitting the headlines, we examine how life can recover in a radioactive environment.

The real robocops: can we trust them?

We take a look at the technology that could revolutionise the world of law and order.

In cold blood

How putting people into ‘therapeutic hypothermia’ can help save lives.

Weather wars

If we start to manipulate our climate, could we cause all-out war?


  • Why do tattoos fade?
  • Do other animals get allergies?
  • Why isn’t Earth perfectly spherical?


Eye opener - Incredible images from the world of science.

Discoveries - Our roundup of the biggest science news. PLUS: New dark matter research.

Michael Mosley - Can you really get fit by exercising for two minutes a week?

Innovations - The coolest tech and gadgets.

Helen Czerski - Helen explains why your knuckles crack.

Out there - All the best science-y events and activities.

Crossword - Get your brain in gear with our cryptic science-themed crossword.

My life scientific - Helen Pilcher chats to Aoife Hunt about how maths can keep people moving.

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