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The Incredible Truth About Time

Published: 25th July, 2013 at 00:00
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What exactly is time? It's a question that's stumped the greatest thinkers for centuries.

On sale date: 25th July 2013


Issue: 258

The Incredible Truth About Time

What exactly is time? It's a question that's stumped the greatest thinkers for centuries. But now, a theoretical physicist has come up with a radical new theory of time that could overturn our understanding of the Universe. If he's right, it would mean that the laws of physics can evolve and that black holes are the birth-places of new universes. Pick up this month's Focus to find out more...

Beat Stress the Scientific Way

Ever find yourself reaching the end of a journey without really knowing how you got there, lost as you were in your own thoughts? Then you might be interested in a form of meditation called mindfulness, which aims to raise awareness of the present moment. We take a look at the science behind mindfulness, revealing how it can make us happier and less anxious, improve working memory, and even boost our compassion towards others.

Virtual Reality: Here at Last

It's been a long time coming, but virtual reality technology has finally come of age. In this month's issue, we get to grips with the revolutionary Oculus Rift headset. Simply strap it on and you're plunged into a virtual world - turn your head to look around and it tracks your movement, allowing you to explore virtual reality as you would a real environment. It's a breathtaking experience, which well and truly heralds in a new era of entertainment.

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