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Issue: 296

The last great enigma of our Solar System

On 4 July 2016, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will complete its 2.8 billion-kilometre journey to the king of the Solar System, Jupiter, where it will look beyond the upper layers, right into the planet’s heart. But what will it find?

Where are all the clones?

This year marks 20 years since Dolly the sheep captured the nation’s hearts. But why aren’t we overrun with clones today?

10 weirdest things evolution left in your body

Why do we have wisdom teeth? Why do we get goosebumps? It’s all down to evolution.

Reaching new heights

Frank Lloyd Wright first proposed a mile-high skyscraper 60 years ago. But could we build one today?

Are my genes to blame if my jeans don’t fit?

Over 60 per cent of UK adults are now overweight or obese. But is it because of our lifestyles, or can we blame our podginess on our parents?

Every second counts

Our cycling journo pits himself against... erm... himself in a battle to become the most efficient thing on two wheels.

How do we know... how animals perceive the world?

It’s taken scientists a long time to establish how animals’ senses work, and they’re still making discoveries today.

Space Q&A special

This month, we answer all your cosmic conundrums in our 26-page space special:

  • Does zero-g affect sleep and dreaming?
  • What does Martian water taste like?
  • Could we ever detect other universes?


Discoveries - All of the best news from the world of science this month.

Innovations - The tech that’s getting us excited.

Robin Ince - Can science explain why we love festivals?

Robert Matthews - Just because quantum theory is weird, it doesn’t mean weirdos should hijack it.

Helen Czerski - Making glass from sugar

Out there - This month’s best books, TV shows and day trips. PLUS: Visit Tokyo with Tomoko Nakanishi.

My life scientific - Hannah Fry chats to Helen Pilcher about maths, Formula 1 and her dog Molly.

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