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The science of Dune: Alien worlds, space colonies and superhumans

Published: 06th October, 2021 at 00:00
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A deep dive into the ideas behind the sci-fi event of the decade.


The science of Dune

One of the decade’s most-anticipated sci-fi films hits the cinemas in October. We delve into the science, ideas and history behind it. Plus: we interview Dune’s production designer, Patrice Vermette.


The insect apocalypse

Prof Dave Goulson, author of Silent Earth, tells us why insects are in decline and how we can help our six-legged friends.

Fusion's time to shine

The ‘holy grail’ of energy has eluded scintists for decades, but could a bright future be on the horizon?

Give your home the probiotic makeover

Should we make our homes and cities more hospitable to beneficial microbes?


  • Dr Michael Mosley on tracking your fart rate
  • Take a sneak peek at some of the stunning images from the Bird Photographer of the Year awards.

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